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Domain Name Purchasing And Parking

You can certainly make money from domain names.

I've known individuals and groups who were willing to pay a premium of $1000 to $100,000 for a single "empty" domain name (no content on the domain, purely for the domain name itself).

You may pay say $30 per year, and by fifth year, someone may offer you $500 to $1000 (or more) and if you want to sell, you will make the profits.

Or maybe you have some business ideas and want to purchase and park the domain name aside to avoid having someone take the perfect domain name you want. (This is more common. It is highly annoying to have a business or business idea that you've been planning for some time, and THEN finding out that the domain name has been taken by someone who bought/reserved the domain name earlier. Ugh.)

For individuals who wants to purchase one or more domain names but don't want the hassle of:

  • creating an account for your domain name purchase
  • remembering (forgetting the login will be a real nightmare) and
  • logging in to manage your domain accounts
  • etc

and any other related hassles, then you can tap on my service to help you purchase and park your domain names(s).

Read more below.

how to buy domain names via nigel?

I prefer a simple pricing, process and structure:

Each domain will cost you USD$ 30 per year. Eg if you buy on 1st Jan 2018, then you need to pay USD$ 30 on 31st December 2018 for Year 2. This time period only begins after #6 below.

  1. You select by dropdown in the PayPal drop-down options below and make payment
  2. Once I've received payment and acknowledged
  3. You indicate the domain names of choice (you need to provide me a list of domain names you want by name and extension in writing (email). Eg nigelchua.com, nigelchua.info, nigelchua.biz etc)
  4. I check which is available
  5. You confirm which ones are the ones you want from #4
  6. Then only I will lock-in the domain names as per #5

Basically if you made payment on 1st Jan 2018, but we only managed to lock in the domain name on 10th Jan 2018, hence your true renewal for Year 2 is 9th Jan 2019.

Additional Notes:

  1. The domains belong to you always. If you want me to transfer it to you later, please note that there is a 60-day lockdown that don't allow me to send the domain name to you until day 61.
  2. If you find a buyer for your domain name, I am more than happy to send the domain to you first (preferred, as I protect YOU first) or your buyer at no additional cost to you.

ready to engage me to help you purchase and park your domains?

If/when yes, use the PayPal button below.

If you have any questions, please connect with me, thanks!

One Year Domain Name Purchasing & Parking (Yearly Recurring)

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