Does a money back guarantee means anything?

Wherever you go online today, you will almost always see guarantees saying:

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked
  • 60 Days 100% Guarantee
  • Return And Get 110% Money Back (WOAH)

Now as an entrepreneur with existing businesses, I understand the power of Risk Reversal, and it's a very powerful approach to decrease risk (actual or perceived) by the customers to entice them to make a purchasing decision, and for super brands, such as risk reversal option is very welcome, as it shows the confidence of the seller to the buyer.

BUT, can it be abused to create a false sense of security and confidence to the buyers, by conmen and scammers? Yes and yes.

Is it true if there is a guarantee, there is ZERO RISK?


This is where people are scammed, duped and cheated into buying something where the conmen and scammers have zero intention to honor the guarantee. Yes, there are many unscrupulous individuals and companies "hiding" behind the power of the almighty guarantee. And yes, they're also lying to you and me.

Guarantees to Watch Out For!

(1) Information products that are shipped to you.

You've got to be cautious about products that are mailed to you, as there are many high-ticket price products that leverage on the time it takes for a product to ship, and if you return, the amount of time it takes to ship back...and sometimes they make it difficult - they say that you MUST ship it back in the same shape and packaging it was send.

Meaning you have to package it back together if you want the guarantee - HOW HOW HOW????

(2) Companies with poor reviews.

It seems pretty straightforward, but for some reason, people seem to overlook or avoid negative reviews (the emotional pull and copy may sometimes be very strong). It doesn't matter if a product has guarantee or not, if you do your research and you see negative reviews, you should consider not buying the product at all.

Junk is junk is junk.

(3) High Ticket Prices.

Anything that are higher priced (above $500) and offers a guarantee tends to be harder to get a refund because of a simple reason: many high ticket items sales usually has an affiliate behind the sale. This means if you buy a product that is $1000 (or $997), the creator would have typically paid $500 to the affiliate.

So if you ask for a refund, that'd mean that the creator needs to refund you $1000 and claim back $500 from the affiliate, if not the creator would lose $500.

(4) Clickbank Products.

ClickBank stuff are very well known for their high refund rates, that run up to 60 or 70% refunds. And from what I've seen through the years since 2002, ClickBank seems to support a lot of scammish products. I would recommend that you stay away from ClickBank products to be safe.

(5) Sales pages that really emphasizes a guarantee.

Ok, if a product's sales page keep emphasizing their money back guarantee, be careful. Especially when it emphasizes much more on the guarantee than the product itself and what it is and what it does.

The Ultimate Guaranteeā€¦Letting You Try Before You Buy

This is the highest and best form of guarantee. Think about your experience when you walk into an Apple store, what do you see or experience?

Open concept, all the products on a beautiful display for you to hold, touch and see and fiddle with their products before you even buy. There are assistants nearby to show you how to use the products, and what you can do with the products (benefits), even without buying. And they don't get mad even if you walk out.

Amazing. Then again, hardly amazing that they're one of the most successful businesses in the world today.

Apple Store where you can try for free before you consider buying. Think about it, they have the best expert training in retail management, best design engineers and have people in MASSIVE QUEUES and high satisfaction. Retail and offline.

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