Create Your Life Plan

To start or grow a business, first, plan your life. Then plan your business around it. Some of the most successful and happy people we know are business people and entrepreneurs who created businesses that perfectly in sync and fits who they are and what they want in life.

If you do what you love, you'd work better, harder and happier.

In this step we will focus on: Life Planning - Elements and Practical Applications

Elements of your Life Plan

  1. Know where you're at

    Think thoroughly and in-depth about where you're at now - be it financially, relationships, play, work and career, whatever that's important to you.

    Be honest about it.

    It may be tough, but it's good to be real and honest to yourself. List them down, and then rate them on a scale of 0 - 100, with 0 being horribly wrong and 100 being the best it can be on each group.

    Think and list and rate your life including current responsibilities, availabilities to start and fund a business, current expenditures, things that makes you happy, and things that make you sad.

  2. Know where you want to go or be

    This is where I'd like you to envision where you want to be or where you want to go ideally.

    Make it a brief and succinct list; there's no restrictions so don't be afraid of putting down what you want, no matter how big your dreams are. Take note of things such as quality time with loved ones, having hobbies that you enjoy, philantropy and charity work, early retirement - whatever you get passionate and excited over.

    You should include Your Loves: Things You Really Enjoy Doing this are stuff that you love and enjoy doing - it can be work, leisure, being at a coffee shop, laundry. It doesn't matter. What matters is you enjoy doing them,

    Your Skills And Talents: Things You Do Well list down your skills, talents and strengthsn that you can capitalize on to build your ideal life. Don't just list your "work and career" talents, list down your plus points from your personal life as well, such as baking, communicating etc and

    Your Track Record: What You Have Experience With write down your achievements and accomplishments in both your professional and personal life that is most dear to you. Pay attention to achievements that you've had that would be beneficial to start a business.

  3. Know Your Ideal Working Style

    Do you prefer a part time or full time gig? Where would you like to be working - at home, at the local coffeeshop or in hotels whilst you're travelling?

    You need to know what are your working style preferences so that you can define the best kind of enterprise and business for you. Another way you can look at this is that it asks you what kind of risk-taker are you?

    For starting up, I'd usually prefer to go with a trade or business that has low risk and pressure and cost, to moderate to high returns (actually I still keep this pattern of entrepreneurship with me till today).

  4. Your Manifesto What is your personal vision, mission and purpose? What would you like to be and to achieve? What are your values, what drives you and keeps you going? Write this down into a maximum 200 word statement, with a summary. Draw from all the points above and bring it all together into a clear life principle and priority.

My example manifesto:

As the founder in, I define

Work Is Purpose In Action, when I work, I bring values and principles I believe and stand for to the people whom I serve. My purpose is to help individuals to increase their quality of life and living by increasing their income through businesses, employing solid and simple personal finances, and to grow personally. That is what that keeps me growing, makes me cry when people achieve happiness as I help them, and makes me want to do better and serve more. I love what I do. There's nothing more thrilling to me. I also define

Work As Freedom - I work to deliver top value to my readers, my clients, my family, my friends. I don't work for the benefit of some nameless and faceless corporation. I'm free to choose and deliver the value of business I conduct. I'm free to choose the way I spend my time - if I so determine I'd like to spend more time with my family or my readers, it's up to me. I'm free. And so are you. Lastly, I define

Work As Friends because I enjoy working with people whom I know and like. Often, in a new working environment, I'd go looking for people to meet and connect with, so that I know all the people whom I work with. This was I feel that we're all connected, have a common focus and purpose, trust and respect. This empowers me and this pushes me to do my best, knowing that there's people whom I know who'd need me to do my part.

Things You Got To Do To Get Started

Here's some simple actionable plans you must develop and take to change your Life plan Survey to a real-time action plan. So at this point in time, you'd know where you're at, where you want to go, what you enjoy and do well, and the kind of work settings you prefer.

Keep this Life Plan in a place where you can see it clearly and plainly - seeing and knowing that it's nearby will constantly serve to remind you of what you want, your priority and what you need to do next.

Of course, you should periodically relook over your Life Plan to measure, compare and assess successes and failures and make adjustments wherever necessary. It's alright if things change over time - life is dynamic and changes are natural.

Now that you have your Life Plan in place, use it and bear it in mind whenever and wherever you need to make strategic planning and decisions; including niches you choose to work in, business models you'd opt for, if you will have employees or not, if you'd be home based or have an office.

Most important is that it will help you position yourselfe to do what you love and that will bring out the best in you, your business, your relationships, your life.

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