Courageous Conscious Living: Moving Towards Your Fear

I shared in a few earlier articles that my wife and myself resigned from the company that we founded together in 2008; I stepped down from directorship, and she stepped down entirely.

This was after completing my 3-years bond with the majority stake acquisition of our company, Urbanrehab. The last three years of being bonded, I had tried pushing for certain things which I know is good for the business, but I was told it cannot be done. And stuff that I'm told to do, despite me resisting and saying no because I knew it was bad for business, and forced to do them. That happened again and again over the last 3 years, so I started to take the approach of biding time for the 3 years to finish my bond.

During one of our chats, the Singapore MD said this:

Nigel, thank you for your courage to send in your resignation and bringing this up.

I hadn't really thought about it, until he mentioned it.

THEN I realized yeah, it was a very difficult and challenging process and conclusion for me to reach, but when I summoned my courage to do what I believe in, what I believe is right and good - although it rocks the boat - it is still good for the business and all involved.

courage more important than confidence or intelligence or talent

Over the last 3 years, I've seen many people and companies try to "wing things" by just being confident. Or they're naturally confident.

And it's true, when anything is conveyed with confidence, it seems like it's more believable and true, and when compared to people like me who usually do not speak with those kinds of smooth confidence, it seems like I suck.

Likewise, how people who are deemed talented and intelligent are "superior" to others. Have seen how many want to come across being super intelligent or talented.

Confidence, intelligence and talent is overrated in my opinion.

No matter how one markets shit, shit is still shit. So if someone markets and pushes a bad idea, bad product, or bad processes, and decision makers allow it because they like the confidence, whose fault is it?

Of course both the confident/intelligent/talented person AND the decision maker.


To change things. To change course. To start something. To end something...DESPITE the uncertainties.

And unfortunately, uncertainties are always around, and it is the same uncertainties that leads to fear of failures, loss, rejection, looking stupid, being alone. Uncertainties can be very, very unsettling, and that is why

People can stay in "known, accepted and familiar" pains, rather than pick up the courage to change course where the potential can be worlds apart in benefits.

Because known fears and known pains, are known and established.

It's easier to live with that than to drop that for something that is unknown.

Courage is the very element and decision that allows you to make decisions and take actions DESPITE your fears.

Courage gives you the ability to focus on what is important, ignore the fears and take the necessary steps to improve.

Courage helps you to overcome fear of rejection and to engage more.

Courage helps you take risks when you have to do things you're not familiar with or not done before, even though you risk looking foolish.

confidence, intelligence and talent is the byproduct, an outcome, of courage

Confidence, intelligence and talent is a byproduct and outcome of courage, where and when you consciously practice and hone your skills.

It is also improved when you become very experienced and well versed with you business/career/financial/passive income processes, products and relationships though ongoing engagement and practice.

It truly can be considered the outcome and dividend of experience and doing something well over and over again.

When we think of "confidence", what we actually are seeking is the idea and proof that the idea will work and give us the outcome we want. Any confidence when starting something new or false. Possibly overconfidence.

why courage is more important

It is based on first order principles.

Without courage, one will more likely than not:

  • not start something that is good
  • not stop something that is bad
  • not change course when the outcomes arent good

And more.

Mustering courage helps you become more skilled, experienced, leading to more outcomes and results, leading to more success and confidence. Usually once you reach here, you may not need the original courage from before. That is why courage is more important than confidence

People tend to focus more on feeling and seeking confidence, and waiting to feel confident before we take action. But that is wrong, because the LESSER we take action, the more fearful and non-confident we'd feel and be. Courage cuts short that process and step, accelerating success in business, money and life.

courageous conscious living and moving towards your fear

Now that we've established what courage and courageous living is, let's apply it: "Moving Towards Your Fear".

Usually our fear is usually indicative of what we want, deep down inside (not asking you to use this to justify doing weird or dangerous stuff ok).

Examples of fear:

  • commitment to projects, person/marriage, business
  • to resign or leave a project that isn't suited or aligned with one's values

I had so much fear and loathe to tender my resignation as director from Urbanrehab. I didn't want to face the people I work with to tell them I'm leaving and I'm not going to be here anymore.

It was really hard and scary for me.

But I mustered the courage to write down what I wanted to say and do, and did it anyway.

And the outcomes were more positive and good than I thought.

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