Compelling Reason For A Fuller, Richer Future

To build and live the Passive Income Lifestyle and be truly rich, you need a compelling reason for a fuller, richer future.

This, in essence, refers to the strength of your meaning of your reason why you even want to build and live the Passive Income Lifestyle.

You need this to be beyond purely "I feel like it" or "I love money".

It needs to be something that gives you meaning and fuels your spirit. This is what that will set apart the dreamers/hopers/wishers and the doers and achievers who truly will live a rich life.

You see, many people in this world, up to 80% or 90% of the world wishes, hopes and dreams to be rich, but only the top 10% to 20% truly live rich lives. Ask the 80-90% if they want to be rich, they will say "yes"…but when

  • the going gets tough
  • challenges and set back hinders them repeatedly
  • people they know keep being negative

Reality sets in. The journey seems too long, too steep.

And then they forget their dream to be rich. They forget their hopes to live rich.

They give up, and decide that working for a constant paycheck that comes in every month is the safest and best for themselves.

When we embarked on our Passive Income Business journey in 2008, it wasn't easy. We knew no one. We had no networks. We had no money in our pockets. We had nothing, but love for each other, a God who loves us, and a compelling hope for a fuller, richer future.

  • We would see and hear people that we know posting pictures on their holidays and trips on FaceBook.
  • We would see and hear people that we know posting how they got promotions.
  • We would see and hear people that we know having fun.

All our money, we reinvested back into our business, for it to grow as stable and complete as possible. During those 5 years, we were 100% for our business, and we lived frugally on the side, opting to go for short and very affordable holidays, not eating out as often and not buying expensive stuff for ourselves. We often felt left out socially, as we focused solely on the building of our future, and held our hands together to support each other the best we can.

We also pushed back our honeymoon for 5 years (we got married in 2009, and went for our honeymoon in 2014 – the best trip of our lives. We did this because we took the time to build a business system…and during the 14 days of fun, our business continued working and providing passive income for us); it was a joint decision with myself and my wife, and gosh, I thank God for her love and patience (this is how I know that she truly loves me and believes in our future together).

But the vision of a compelling future and reason of a fuller and richer future kept us going. It just kept us going.

As of 2015, my compelling future of a fuller and richer life got strengthened and cemented further – not only I want to build and live richer and fuller lives with/for:

  • my wonderful wife, Louise, to provide her the best I can, to travel and see the world with her
  • my family, to help them get the next level in life
  • my work family, to provide them the best working environment and help them build great businesses
  • my God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, to glorify His name
  • my readers in, to help them build and live their Passive Income Lifestyle
  • for myself, I want to be free. I want to be young when I'm free, not old and weak and tired to live fuller, richer lives. I want my money to work hard for me.

But truly, this is what that solidifies and cement my reason for building and living a fuller, richer future.

You may say that "I'm not married" or "I don't have the same circumstances as you, Nigel" – that's for sure, we're all in different situations and circumstances and stages in our life – I wanted to share with you what's mine.

But the reasons above are mine.

I'd like to help you come up with your reason. What you can do is to combine two lists:

  • what you don't want
  • what you do want

This also applies to me, though my above lists my wants – for me, my don't wants include:

  • I don't want to go back to being an employee for a fixed pay
  • I don't want to have to suck up to get more increments or promotions
  • I don't want to have a limited income, and worse, single income
  • I don't want to have to work for income for the rest of my life
  • I don't want to be an employee because I don't want to be relegated to a fixed time where I have to be at work, and miss other important events in my life

And those are my reasons. What about you? What are your reasons that add and make up for your compelling reason for a fuller, richer future?

If your reasons are not strong enough, then reality, difficulties and setback may be stronger than your reasons, and you may be at higher risk of giving up. I have lost business and money many, many times before, on top of being betrayed by people and being scorned by others. There are times where I have to get my hands very dirty to do what needs to be done – but it is the reasons above that keeps me going and going and going forward.

They are the reason why I'm here today, and I have deep-seated reasons to believe that I will be here for a long time.

I wish it could be easier for myself and for you, and it's not as hard as many think either, but you have to press on forward. Without a strong and compelling reason for building and living a fuller, richer life, anything in life, be it personal or business or relationships – they all will be very, very difficult.

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