Coming Full Circle

Seems like I'm coming full circle in - earlier, I had written that this website is all about one thing:

Building and Living The Passive Income Lifestyle

And to me, that's done by two approaches:

  • Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB)
  • Passive Income Investing (PII)

These two are closely interlinked financially, in a sense I will build up my investment funds first either by my work, entrepreneurship activities and online business; and then the dividends that proceed from the investment funds will either be used for reinvesting or used to fund lifestyle, liabilities and luxuries.

It'd look something like this:

macro view on build passive income lifestyle

This is the general macro-overview of how I see and build my passive income lifestyle, and I will keep building and refining this model until I've reached my financial goal.

From this model, it's an all-encompassing model that is already working (I've achieved about 15% of my financial goal, and am reaping some passive income from my investments already - see from my passive income reports) BUT there is one major problem:

I need more capital/money to invest. To achieve my dividend income goal, I need a minimum sum of $2 million invested. Based on a 5% return on investment, that's about $100K passive income dividend per year.

Because of this, I will need to build additional and other sources of income that will fund the investment fund faster and better, as well as serve as hedge in case anything happens to my investment fun - this will take time to build, acquire, nurture and mature.

Which is why I am building a few key businesses and projects including - share more details soon.

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