Choose Your Heroes You Look Up To

We all need heroes we look up to. When I was younger, I didn't think much about heroes, but when I was into basketball during my early teenage years, I looked up to Michael Jordan. I read up on him. I was inspired by him. I wanted to be him and have his skills and finesse. I would stay up to watch the NBA, and practice countless hours my hero's signature skills. I wanted to know everything because I wanted to be like him.

As I grew older, my heroes were more practical. When I was studying for my therapy diploma in 2002, I remember chancing upon Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad - which I read and re-read again and again and again. Then, I could only dream, but I started meddling around with stuff like MLM and those fluffy online get-rich-quick schemes by lying gurus, and burnt myself a bit.

But whenever I tried to embark on entrepreneurship, though I got burnt, I felt that I was being spurred on by Rich Dad. I felt supported, and I felt it was right. And when it was wrong, I just picked myself up, wipe my tears, and press on. This is one of the most powerful ways that human beings learn, which we often lose as adults. We lose our heroes and faith, and we give up "to the mass power of the world" - a waste.

As I grew older, I started having more heroes. I have business and entrepreneurship heroes such as Ramit Sethi and Richard Branson whom I read their books and buy their courses, to learn about their perspective and approaches to entrepreneurship. Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad still remains my fundamentals about building and buying assets, and nothing else. I have newer heroes in investing, such as Warren Buffett - I read biographies on him, and his famed letters to shareholders.

I often turn to my heroes and try to see through their eyes, or understand through their minds, that what guides them can also give me a glimpse of vision and understanding of personal finance, entrepreneurship and investing.

I think the best thing about having heroes is that they inspire us and allows us to tap into a deeper reserve of faith and hope that is difficult to achieve on our own. Heroes tend to make things look good and easy, and this helps inspire us to want to do and achieve what they'd achieve too.

Today, one of my heroes is my late dad, who passed away on May 24th, 2014. He taught me preserverance, tough love, consistency, patience, and caring for family. I miss you pa. Thank you for everything.

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