Changing Shit Into Fertilizer

Changing Shit

I had an interesting experience earlier today dealing with a situation where I "felt like I was being shitted on" with no rhyme or reason. And that, made me a little irritated until I spoke to one of the persons I look up to, a professor.

He admitted that he too had the same treatment from the same person, but interestingly, the first reply following that statement was

"well, now she had asked all the questions and made all the shots, if there's anything happening next, she can't say that I didn't tell her"

He saw the direct positive repercussions of the situation.

Later, he brought it one step further and said,

"Look, Nigel. It's always okay and alright when people shit on you. Don't worry about them shitting on you - the shit will drop to the ground - your ground - and make it more fertile, like fertilizer for your ground. Then you make it your point to use your fertile ground to grow something good. Nothing is ever wasted."

He emphasized further,

"Even in the world of medicine and healthcare, if you look at all the sons and daughters of the prominent and high flying doctors and surgeons of today, they usually do not surpass their prominent parents. Why? Most of the time, they are protected from shit. And because of that, they do not have the capacity to grow. It really depends on how hungry you are - I mean, their parents call me to teach their children (microsurgery) but when the time comes, their children will not turn up to see me or learn from me because they're tired or sleepy, and that's their reason."

That was quite a good food for thought for me, and I think that it is something that is applicable to you too. Do you sometimes just see the shit that's being dumped on you, and think that "I'm unlucky" or "woe is me"?

Life is lived progressively and forward but we learn retrospectively. Most of the time, we do not understand why and what we go through until we use the skill that we were forced to learn at the moment we weren't prepared or wanted to learn, and I think that that is the main problem - we didn't anticipate such an event, and it was shocking/unpleasant way of learning, which sometimes leaves a bitter taste in our mouth and soul.

Here's what I'd like to suggest: creating an open frame of mind to changes and opportunities to learn. A verbal activity - say this out aloud: I am an intelligent being. I am open to learning, and every step forward is a leap ahead. Whatever I go through isn't wasted, it's training for a future use. Every drop of shit is a drop of fertilizer for an amazing harvest later.

Be amazed.

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