Challenges Are Here Again =)

Ah, it seems like there are new challenges to us again in our physiotherapy and hand therapy practice. Well, new not in the sense that they're unknown to us (we know and have experienced such challenges before), just that they happened concurrently one after the other. But challenges are what that helps to propel us forward in our journey of personal development and growth. Every one of us has our stories, and this is a new story, a sub chapter of the chapter "Challenges."

My hand therapy practice, which had just relocated to a medical clinic area, has to relocate again, as the landlord has found a tenant offering a larger price and wants to rent the whole unit (I'm only renting a room there). Of course, from a business perspective, I do understand where he's coming from. My learning point (and gripe) is that they had failed to put together a contract to protect me, the tenant from such inconveniences and unfairness. Well, they promised the contract to me but had told me that they're busy, so I'm to wait...and now, I'm to leave. Interestingly, they had asked me to go rent their room in another new clinic, but as I know that they want me there because the therapist that they were planning to hire couldn't be brought in because of licensing issues, they want me to help cover their space, pay their rent...and then remove me once they hire a staff.

Oh, the life of an entrepreneur is interesting, is it not? Well, having gone through this experience once, I have decided not to serve them in their new clinic for practical and ethical reasons.

And then...on Louise's end, it seems like we have a new person in-charge of the clinic that we have a physiotherapy practice in. She gave me a call, and told me in essence that "they want more money" and that I should meet her "to trash things out." That was over the phone, and when I got back home, I started to feel annoyed, the more I thought about it. I concluded that I should meet the fellow contract and decision maker whom I first made the contract with, to clarify matters, and that the other person is of impertinence. Pray for me as I speak to him today.

Perhaps, it's time for Louise and I to consolidate our strengths and forces again, this time, independent of any medical groups, as we seem to be...what's the word for it - Louise says that because we're nice, we're easily taken advantage of. Oh well. I'm just going to pray, and move forward in faith. I know that our God is greater than anything, that He has greater things in store. I'm not going to worry (so much) and press in with faith.

Pray with me, for me, that we will do as we are purposed to do, and that we will grow in our faith in Him, our personal development journey, and that Urbanrehab will keep serving more and more people who still need us.

[Update as of 24/5/2012 4.51 pm] - God has answered my prayers. I took some time out to pray, and earnestly sought after him. Interestingly, I wasn't at all that worried about the outcome, I was more upset about how the matter was handled, and so I prayed. And prayed. And prayed. In the meantime, I made some decisions and prayed over the decisions, that He would ultimately guide me. I prepared two documents, one to clarify information that when clarified, would protect our position; and another document outlining reasons for me to move to my wife's location.

Then I prayed over the documents, saying:

Papa, I know you're in control. You're the author and finisher of my faith, and nothing is impossible for You, as long as Your will be done, I am willing. Let it be that IF both documents are rejected, then we would arise and move to another location...but if it so be in Your will that both documents are accepted, then I know that it is Your will for us to stay.

...both were accepted! Now not only our boundaries were fortified, I would get to work with my beloved at the same location. Of course, it'd be better in the mid- to long-term, as I will, by God's grace, pray, push and grow the partnership venture to grow.

God is good.

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