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Cancelled My GetResponse Free Trial And Using Solo Build It MailOut Manager

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Don't get me wrong - I loved the experience of using GetResponse - there was some learning curve, but if you can read simple instructions, it's really simple, no longer than 30 minutes to learn it.

And I'm still advocating, marketing and recommending customers to use GetResponse email marketing for all their online and offline businesses.

the real reason i stopped using getresponse...

...was simply because I finally realized and tried Solo Build It's internal email marketing system, which is already:

  • priced in into the monthly $29.99 or $299 per year (that's about $24.99 per month)

  • built into the same system and you can see at the main dashboard under the BusinessCenter, it's called MailOut Manager (Newsletters)

  • it's free to use as part of the whole Solo Build It price, and one is given 30000 email credits, which 1 email credit is used for every email sent out eg if you have 100 subscribers, and you send out 1 email to each of them, that will cost you 100 email credits (not sure if this is topped up every year with the yearly SBI renewal).

more about solo build it's MailOut Manager (Newsletters)

I mean I've heard about it but I failed to connect the dots about actually trying it and using it, and so just yesterday, I clicked on the link and the next page showed this:

creating and adding autoresponders to be queued and mailed out

Once you've created the mailing list under MailOut Manager (Newsletters), then you need to connect your list-building-system to a Form under Form-Build-It.

The drop down with the word "Preview" allows you to preview all the autoresponders you have written at a glance.

If you want to add, edit or delete email autoresponders, you have to click "Edit" and you will see:

Once you're written your email autoresponder and saved it, you're done!

how much does it cost per email (if i have lots of subscribers and emails per month?)

That's where I have to topup email credits balance, and there are 5 pricing:

  • 10000 email credits for USD 24.95 >> 0.2595 cent per email
  • 25000 email credits for USD 49.95 >> 0.1998 cent per email
  • 50000 email credits for USD 89.95 >> 0.1799 cent per email
  • 100000 email credits for USD 149.95 >> 0.14995 cent per email
  • 250000 email credits for USD 299.95 >> 0.11998 cent per email

So at the most expensive, it's 0.2595 cent per email (a quarter of a cent), and at the best rate is 0.12 cent per email (about an eight of a cent).

Very affordable.

the limitation of solo build it's mailout marketing (newsletters)

The limit is in the message:

Your MailOut package allows you to send 5,000 e-mails per month (with the outstanding balance automatically carried over to the next month). Your current e-mail balance is 30000. That means that you can send 30000 more e-mails.

Basically you can send out 5000 emails per month...right now, assuming I send an email out to a subscriber every 3 days, that is 10 emails per month.

So I can cater up to 500 subscribers max (500 subscribers x 10 emails per month = 5000 emails per month).

I am not sure if this is the cap limit and if I can request for an upgrade. If this limit is permanent then will be a problem once I have more than 500 subscribers and sure will have to change providers for email marketing.

Also, once you've the the number of days between autoresponders, unfortunately you cannot change it anymore sadly (for now). I set it as every 3 days, so I cant change it to 4 or 5 days anymore (ugh).

Edit 16th July 2018:

I connected with Solo Build It support team who has graciously helped me to change the number of days between each autoresponder emails to 5 days as well as to clarify that their MailOut Manager can support beyond sending out 5000 emails per month, as long as I have sufficient email credits in my account.

Thanks to Jennifer from SBI Support and the programmers! =)

so why or why not?

For me, I prefer to use Solo Build It's Email Marketing Tool for two main reasons:

#1 I'm a very early and simple user of email marketing, and I'm barely starting.

I just need something very simple, just simple sign up and simple autoresponders.

I don't need the fancy workflows and processes, just very simple sign up for my readers who wants to be on my list to get my insider-only offers, tips, guides and promotions.

I also have less than 500 subscribers and/or send less than 5000 emails per month, so that's ok for now.

#2 Affordable

  • It's already priced into my Solo Build It subscription, so there is no additional fixed costs to me
  • The email credits doesn't expire, may be added by Solo Build It on a yearly basis each time I renew my SBI subscription, and even if I need to top up, it's pay-as-you-go at a very reasonable rate.

Please be mindful of the restriction of Solo Build It's MailOut Manager too ya, but if you're already an SBI user and looking to start your email marketing, their MailOut Manager is a great place to start.

conclusions: solo build it mailout manager versus getresponse (and other) email autoresponders

If you're already a Solo Build It user, and a simple/beginning your email marketing outreach, then you can consider using their priced/built-in MailOut Manager for the reasons able. Also, if you send out less than 5000 emails per month, this system is ok.

If you are

  • sending more than 5000 emails per month to your subscribers or
  • are not a Solo Build It user and want to start email marketing

then I highly recommend you to use GetResponse for their price, high level of service.

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