Buying a good backpack in Singapore with Chop Chip Huat in Golden Mile

Earlier in March 2013 (I think 2nd March 2013), Louise and myself went to a bag shop in Golden Shoe called Chop Chip Huat to look for a bag, as my bag had started to fray and breakdown at the seams.

We were browsing through the bags and looking for specific ones that I really liked, and I went down to the technical details and technicalities of what kind of specs I prefer in a back pack such as

  • sturdy, wide and well-padded shoulder straps
  • a back support that is breathable
  • presence of hip support and strap-locks
  • overall bag must be light
  • bag must be able to last at least 5 years if not to, returnable for maintenance
  • 50 liters and above
  • pleasant looking
  • bag must be able to open by zip, and zip must be at least half the perimeter of the bag
  • support strap to hold the bag's contents together
  • needs to have a quick access compartment

As you can see, the list was pretty long, but not only were the workers there friendly and patient, even the boss himself was friendly and patient. No rush, no push, just relaxed service. The boss shared quite interesting points which were pleasantly surprising for me, which were:

The reason why he takes his time to share on the bags - he's passionate about bags, having done it for more than 30 years. His modus operandi is to help us find the right bags that lasts....such that we'll be so happy and tell more people about his services and bags.

I won't deny that I was impressed. I like his cool, unfrazzled and friendly style, and he was also generous, opting to give me a rain cover for my bag for free, as well as a nice discount.

Wanna know the bag I bought?


It's called MountainSmith - it's an American-made bag. Very light, very sturdy, meets all my requirements as above, and more. It's a little more expensive that what I had budgeted for, as I had originally budgeted $150. The bag original price is $265, and uncle gave me a sweet discount, which I'm not sure I should share as I don't want to create expectations from my readers nor put the nice boss uncle in a tight spot.

An advice is if you're looking for a bag, go visit the uncle at his shop (I'll post his shop address below) with some ideas of what you want in a bag, and once you've found your bag, don't be afraid or shy to ask him for a discount. Negotiate a little and he should try to find a sweet spot for both parties =)

Shop: Chop Chip HuatAddress: 505 Golden Mile Food Centre, Beach Road, #02-151-154, 159-162, Singapore 199583
Tel: 6292 4636
Fax: 6294 0362

The uncle's name is Jefferey Yap, Mobile is 98235520

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