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Friday 4th January 2019, I Dreamt Of Large Ocean Wave...

Friday, 4th January 2019 - I dreamt I was at sea, floating and chatting away with someone. A man, I know, and we were sharing ideas and stories, and I felt something unusual to my right. I turned and saw a big wave coming.

It was big, but not a tsunami-big. It doesn't look murky or muddy or dark - it just look like a big ocean wave. Big enough for me to gasp, and the man just calmly told me - ha! Your wife/girlfriend can easily handle such waves!

I smiled, and said to myself, man, I've a good wife.

The wave looked like it was coming at me, and I decided to brace myself, and see what happens, and where it'd bring me.

And all of a sudden, I was in the middle of the wave, and it was bringing me in its momentum, and I remember laughing and experiencing a big, deep, bellows of laughter, cos it was so fun when the wave stopped just maybe 10-20 feet away.

And I remember, just laughing and laughing, and I remember thinking to myself just before I woke up:

Was this all I was afraid of?

And I was intrigued by its meaning, and I hadn't prayed on it/asked God on it, and instead, did a quick check on Google:

Dreaming about big ocean or sea waves. If your dream was about big ocean or sea waves crashing against the shore or rising high above the water surface, most probably it denotes heightened emotions and feelings you are experiencing.

If the water was clear and pleasant, and the waves provoked feelings of happiness and joy, the dream is likely foretelling something beautiful that is about to happen in your life. The event can be connected to love, relationships or some creative endeavors.

From: https://mydreamsymbolism.com/dreams-about-big-waves-meaning-and-interpretation/


Everything else in mentioned about murky/dark waters, river/pool waters etc, which doesn't apply. As mine specificly was big wave in the sea, and I remember experiencing deep laughter and joy after.


I'm in a challenging moment right now, and I am facing some big challenges, but I am going to keep praying and keep progressing and pressing forward. Let's make 2019 our best year yet.

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