Pleasantly Surprised With Forgotten Dividend Stock Investments End 2017

I was so pleasantly surprised when I finally had time to rummage through my chaotic/messy tables to clear up all the documents and paperwork where I discovered two SGX statements.

When I went through them, I found that I had received dividends in the month of November and December 2017 (you can find the details here:

It makes me so happy!

The reason why I'm pleasantly surprised is because I recall selling all my dividend stocks sometime in mid 2017 - I cant remember the exact date offhand, but I know I sold them all for a good 25%+ return ON TOP OF most dividends... I wasn't expecting any dividends at all.

But, this recently jogged my memory - I realized I had pumped in some money to invest in some dividend stocks I think sometime back in September 2017, so that I can still have some "surprise pocket money"

surprise pocket money

This is by far the #1 reason why I love investing into passive dividend stocks for the dividends.

I'd invest in them, forget, and then whenever I look at my ATM, realize that I have cash again.


I'm not financially free (at least not yet at this time in writing), but it's a really good feeling.

And when the monthly statements come, then I realize "oh, that's why I had money coming in - those were dividends"

My dividends made for my pocket money for the most of 2016 and 2017, until I sold them all off in early 2017, before buying some again in 4Q2017.

My game plan right now is the same:

  • build/acquire more assets and businesses that will provide me positive cash flow and profits
  • take these surplus and invest them into stable and reliable passive income dividend stocks.

Rinse and repeat until my dividends are more than SGD 100,000 per year; and that is my baseline benchmark financial goal.

And thereafter, just rinse and repeat and perhaps diversify and keep living.

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