January 2018 Crypto Flash Sale And Blood Bath

Just a glimpse of the carnage and blood bath

The image above shows the top 12 cryptocurrencies/blockchain companies listed in Coinmarketcap.com on 17th January 2018.

If you scroll down the list, read through Reddit - you'd know that there is a massive fall EVERYWHERE.

But as I went through Reddit in detail, there are a few main theories why this happened:

fud by banks and pro-bank individuals

There is some hearsay that individuals from anti-crypto banks have been spreading fake news that crypto is going to be banned etc.

crackdown by government

As Korea and China are/have large cryptocurrency users, whenever news (real or perceived or fake) come out on crypto crackdown tends to cause massive panic selling.

yearly January correction

OF COURSE it's this that's the most interesting to me - I have placed a reminder in my calendar for every Early and Mid December (1st and 15th) to potentially draw out up to 50% of my holdings to be prepared for the bloodbath, so that I can capitalize on the yearly event.

Only problem is, even if it has happened every January since 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018; that this will continue in 2019 onwards.

I will mull over it as well closer to the time, but maybe this is the reason why I need to finalize and familiarize how I will cash out over time?

I am not sure what and why it happened for the last four Januaries since 2015, maybe some US internal trade issues, or some massive government tie ups etc.

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