Installed Disqus As Commenting Tool

If you scroll to the bottom of this article (as well as ALL articles on, you'd realize that there is a little commenting platform called "Disqus" (see below for an example)

Yes yes, I've extolled the power of Solo Build It for a very long time already, but why don't they have a commenting platform that is hard-wired into their system?

actually, they do have one

It's called C2 commenting, which is a system that you can apply for multiple functions and uses. You can use it as a commenting system, or structure it to behave like a discussion forum etc...but I prefer Disqus because it has multiple benefits:

  1. Of course, the commenting tool, which helps to build communications, community and helps me connect and communicate with readers.

  2. I can moderate all the comments in a single platform. Unlike Solo Build It's C2, I have to manually go through all comments one-by-one and load every single page to approve them.

  3. Secondly, Disqus has a "relevant articles" tool that allows and shows readers relevant articles or most commented articles on, which increases the building of relationship here which I treasure and want.

  4. Disqus has a powerful filtering/anti-spam system, because people who wants to comment, HAS to register a Disqus account first (or sign in as guest), and this process increases the QUALITY of commenters and commenting overall. No more of those annoying short comments with links (YAY!)

the real question you even need a commenting platform?

That is truly the real question.

Don't get into having commenting platform on your blog or website just because someone said so, or someone else has it too.

Have a think, on what is the philosophy and reason and industry and energy that you're in.

Philosophy and reason relates to personal preferences and values - do you value and want your readers to be able to comment on your articles and connect in a common platform? It can require more administrative effort, time and resources on your part to moderate and reply to these comments.

Industry is about being relevant to your industry, eg some industries, people DON'T want to have commenting system, maybe medical, etc.

Energy - it can take time, effort and energy to build, maintain and manage a vibrant community, beginning from a trickle of commenting here and there until it becomes a larger community - are you ready for the demands?

i want to build a thriving community

For me, yes, I want to build a thriving community that lives a progressive lifestyle with more than sufficient passive income that makes them free.

And I would like to continue to serve them here, and I want them to support each other and helping newbies and even old timers to keep living progressively.

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