2014: The Year Of Focus, Resilience And Progress

Nigel, you've gotta get really good at what you do. And enjoy it immensely. Then the money will come.


Take calculated risks. Look at contracts properly. Choose better. When you're young, work hard and make your money.


I recall both memories that came into my mind and heart all of a sudden, and it's not like a shout, but a gentle reminder. Both my father and my father-in-law share their wisdom with me, and I'm amalgamating their wisdom into myself.

My dad speaks a lot about mastery. About honing my skills to a master-level, producing master-level results. And to enjoy what I do, and then I will get rich.

My father-in-law speaks about focus and calculation and persistence. He stresses looking for better solutions, truly eyeballing contracts and managing risks, and to choose better solutions whenever I can. And as we're young, we only have a certain amount of time to work and to make as much money as we can.

To be frank, without my parents and my in-laws for my wife, Louise and myself won't be here today, like this. Like this meaning how we are able to work wonderfully well together, as my strengths are a summary of my parents' and my wife's strengths, are a summary of her parents.

Married together = Awesome Recipe For Wonderful Collaboration

The benefits spill into all aspects of our lives, be it personal choices, personal finance, business, even spiritually. Thank you Pa, Mum, Daddy, Mummy - we are not who we are today, without you.

That leads to this declaration.

It's the 10th day of 2014, and I decree it (at least to me) that it's the year of Focus, Resilience and Progress.

My core focus for this year will be:

  • Focus: to stay my attention and dedication to my key areas of interests, including my businesses, family and my walk with God. To not waste time running after shiny stuff, which is one of my weaknesses.

  • Resilience: to build and strengthen fortifications of my focus, stockpiling necessary supplies, to fostering and nurturing relationships, to spending more time in prayer and meditation

  • Progress: setting and achieving progressive and achievable stretch goals, and progressively move out of my comfort goals

Like my parents wished more of me and Louise - I too, wish more for you.

I will never replace your parents or loved ones, but I do know that sometimes, all we need to progress is just a little encouragement, a push, of sort.

We all know someone who always whines "waaaaaaaa..." and complaining how unfair ___ and ____ is, and how they will never get it and blah blah...but we all also know people who has made it.

Who hustled. Who put in the hard work. And found results.

When you put in the hard work, you get the results you seek. It's a relatively straight forward answer. I realize that I love starting and growing small businesses to larger ones, and I can often be found thinking and executing ways to grow my own business or someone else's:

Some of the testimonials I had received:


As I worked on my skills and strengths, yes, the some success and some money came. We spend more now on things I wouldn't even think or dream of before. Want to take taxi places without wincing - done. Spend hundreds of dollars for a meal - done. Spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to test - done.

I want to show you how you can do it too.

This year is the year of Focus, Resilience and Progress.

This year, I want to focus on the ability to prioritize what is truly important, and ignore the flashy-naggy distractions and doubts. The strategies to be resilient and move forward.

What is your goal for this year? Is it to make more money so you can go for a vacation across the world? Or do you want to fire your boss and run your own profitable business? Or do you want to erase your debt? Or buy a gift for your loved one?

Have you noticed that whenever you set a goal to achieve or improve on something...you seem to get some resistance?

It doesn't matter what you set out to do or want to improve on - this resistance is always there waiting.

Want to lose weight? All of a sudden you'll get people telling you that "you look good already, why bother" or "losing weight is hard, why bother" or just give you the "dirty look" like they think you "don't love your body."

Want to make more money? People will start to tell you that "you're greedy" or that "you're out to make someone else lose money" or that "you should just be employed."

It's not easy to ignore all the noise at times, especially when you're doing something new - you don't feel at ease. It definitely doesn't help when people around you (whom you respect) think negatively and start telling you cynically.

It took me a very long time to get comfortable with such reaction from people. And believe me, you'd get this sort of reaction for all sorts of goals and plans you set -whatever it is.

Yes, the people who's around us, our families and friends really wants to help us as we experiment and try new things...but realistically, they don't want us to change. They want us to stay the same, just as we are.

So this year, let's focus on Focus - identifying and ignoring distraction and doubts effectively, Resilience - the strategies that allows you to keep your momentum and Progress - moving forward.

Welcome to 2014: Year of Focus, Resilience and Progress.

This is the year where your Focus will be razor sharp, you will not be easily distracted, your eyes will be on the prize. You will be resilient, and overcome obstacles that stands in your way. You will progress and reach your goals systematically and step by step.

Question: What would you do differently this year?

In exactly 355 days, 2014 will be over. And where would that lead you? If you do the same stuff that you've been doing, you'll be where you're at exactly now.

I am not kidding.

Can you imaging how 2015 will look if you chose to Focus on the important, be Resilient and Progress towards your goals?

Think about that.

In 355 days time, would you be able to buy gifts for your loved ones without worrying about how much it costs? Or would you be able to fly halfway around the world just because you can and you had planned for it? Or wake up happy because you're debt-free?

This year, is undoubtedly the year of Focus, Resilience and Progress.

It's gonna be awesome.

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