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11 Reasons To Move From Free GMail (Or Any Free Email) To GMail GSuite

If you're in a business, career or start up, and assuming you've been using free Gmail accounts (or any other free email providers, but for simplicity sake, I'm gonna use the example of the free Gmail account ok).

Then your email accounts may look like these:

  • nigel@gmail.com
  • nigelchua@gmail.com
  • nigelsupport@gmail.com


If you're the founder of the company, your contractors or employees may even be using a mix of free email accounts from:

  • Yahoo free email
  • Their internet service provider free email
  • Some free email

...all for YOUR business or start up.

I don't recommend that at all.

Yes, I understand that we need to keep costs low and hustle until there is more revenue that can cover costs.

However, even right now though I'm on a sabbatical from rehab business and exploring self publishing and affiliate marketing, and from where I came from, I highly recommend that you get a professional email with your own domain.

The reason for this is because it shows professionalism and even provides vote of confidence for your team and your customers.

Compare this:

  • Would you buy Product or Service from company that communicates with you say nigel@gmail.com OR
  • Would you buy Product or Service from company that communicates with you say nigel@nigelchua.com?

If you can't tell the difference, what I found is that when customers see that your email is from a free provider they may think that:

  • you're "not" a real business
  • your business is unstable, "fly by night" and can disappear anytime
  • if you can save/stinge/scrooge on $5 email, would you cut corners on anything else (especially in the value you deliver to them?

That's right, there's an element of perception and psychology on top of professionalism when you use your own email with your own domain.

And maybe you're at a point where your business is growing and you want to start to use more professional looking email addresses (or that you're ready to spend a little - USD 5 per user per month - for improved branding, function, control and perception.

Then your professional email addresses would look like:

  • nigel@nigelchua.com
  • support@nigelchua.com

Basically the format will be yourname@yourdomain.com

Steven Aldrich of GoDaddy has stated that potential customers are far more likely to do business with a company that uses a business email address than those that don’t - yes, I confirm this as mentioned above.

basic or business google mail gsuite

You can easily get professional emails like the ones above as well as

  • get the same Gmail user experience that your team are accustomed to
  • get additional and centralized Google products and services to improve your team's productivity and profitability

There are two versions of Google Suite: basic and business.

I personally find that the basic version is more than sufficient for any organization. And good news is that it's an upgraded version of the free Gmail, and there is no need for additional training for existing free Gmail users.

(Though they may need training for the additional stuff that comes along with Google Suite, such as

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheet
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Slides)

Yes, it's not free but after using it since 2010 - I can safely say that its intuity, help with productivity etc is so beneficial that it pays for itself many times over.

You can try Google Suite for free for 30 days here, and thereafter $5 per user per month for the Google Suite basic version. The costs is very low, and you can save more by pre-paying for a whole year (saving 10+%).

If you already own your own domain such as nigelchua.com for your website address, maybe one you bought from Bluehost or Solo Build It, then there is a fairly straight-forward one-time setup that you need to do to use the same domain for your Google Suite account.

If a tech klutz like me can use and install Google Suite...trust me, you can do it too.

11 Additional G Suite Benefits

Here are 12 additional reasons to port your free Gmail to a professional business Google Suite.

1. Email Account Ownership

Your business, company or start up will own all employee email accounts, and control them.

Not your employees or contractors.

Imagine, what if someone leaves your business and joins a competitor or starts a competing company...and they own the email address that your customers use to connect/communicate with them?


That's why with GSuite, even if someone leaves the company, you can immediately lock that email account and forward any emails they receive to someone else in your company.


2. File Ownership

With Google Suite, all the Google Documents, Sheets, Slides etc are immediately and automatically owned by you.

On top of that, remember that Google Drive provides also a cloud backup that is similar/alternative to Dropbox, and if anything happens to an employee who suddenly leaves the company, you can still access their files and complete any works that they had left behind.

3. So-Easy Document Sharing

Your team will find it easy to share documents with each other when they're all on the same Google Suite account, just a few clicks will do it, easy.

4. Less Competition For Email Names/Aliases

If you've tried creating a new free Gmail account, you'd realize that it's now very very hard to get a unique name, cos so many people use free Gmail that your new free gmail account may be called "yourname12346@gmail.com"

Ugh - not good at all.

With professional Google Suite, you have more options, you can choose:

  • yourname@yourdomain.com eg nigel@nigelchua.com
  • yourname+surname@yourdomain.com eg nigel.chua@nigelchua.com

You can even choose to shorten it further if you have a simple nickname that everyone calls you eg a@yourdomain.com if you want.

It gives you much more options in alias choosing, and this can be changed anytime you want. (especially important if you decide to do a massive rebranding or change of name for the business - easily resolved too)

5. You Can Use Outlook as an Email Client

For individuals or organizations who insist on using Outlook, Google provides Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

6. You Can Have More File Storage

Free Gmail accounts have max 15 GB of space...whilst this is a lot already, Google Suite basic users get 2x that amount, at 30 GB per user...and you can also increase that limit too (paid options though).

7. Extra Security With 2-Step Verification

As a Google Suite administrator, you can introduce an additional important layer of security called 2-Step Verification.

It works by identifying whenever someone from your Google Suite login from an unknown computer, they will be texted a Google Verification Code that is required before you can login, to provide an additional layer of protection.

8. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Integration Such As Salesforce

Some companies that decide to invest in a CRM to improve sales, leads, productivity etc such as Salesforce will happy to know that it can be integrated with Google Suite.

9. Simple Single Sign-On To Other Business Applications

By logging into your email, you can easily access:

  • Google Suite products such as Calendar, Docs, Sheet, Slides etc
  • Applications such as Salesforce and Slack

without having to re-enter usernames and passwords

10. A Company Branded User Interface

Take a look at the top left of my Google Suite - you'd see that the logo is my own domain (yeah I know, it's cheesy, but if you have a pretty logo, then it'd look like that across all your user's email and Google products).

It's prominent and nice in my opinion.

11. Support

With Google Suite, there is

There is zero/no support for free Gmail.

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