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10-Day Mental Fast and Focus Challenge

This is the most important exercise in this entire series, you can do this as often as you require and please.

In fact, the more you do it, the more it will enable you to take more charge and control over your own mind by not allowing you to ruminate or hold negative thoughts.

Ready? Here’s the rules of this practical:

  1. For the next ten days, you personally refuse to allow or hold onto any negative or bad thoughts, feelings, questions, words or metaphors.

  2. When you catch yourself zooming in on the negative stuff –it will happen occasionally- immediately ask yourself questions that bring you to a better state/place

  3. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself the Morning Power Questions. Do the Evening Power Questions at night

  4. For these ten days, focus only on solutions and not the problems

  5. If a negative or lousy thought comes to your mind, don’t feel guilty or bad, just replace it with another thought, preferably something positive.

    But, if you hold on to it for more than five minutes, then wait till tomorrow morning and re-start this ten day mental challenge

The goal over here is ten days in a row without ruminating or focusing on a negative thought, if you think of negative stuff for more than five minutes, you must start over.

The benefits of this practical includes:

  • clarity – you’d see mental habits that has been holding you back;

  • increase in resourcefulness – your brain becomes more wired to resource;

  • confidence-jolt – you will feel an immediate increase in confidence;

  • and you will create newer and better habits in your life that will elevate your standard of living and help you grow in your journey of personal development for progressive living, every day.

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