focuses around the themes of early retirement, streams of passive income, financial independence, freedom and serendipity. Sounds lofty and airy-fairy, but to make it simple, there are only a three core "KPIs" (key performance indicators) to be financially independent:

  1. Save more
  2. Earn more
  3. Invest more

To me, these three are like well trained, timed and strong "jab-jab-hook" of a great fundamental boxer:

Ok the cat makes it much cuter, but in the world of boxing, a very strong and reliable jab-jab-hook can bring you all the way to the top. Financially, being able to save more, earn more and invest more forms the strong stable tripod of early retirement, passive income and financial freedom.

Saving More

If you have a lot of unnecessary expenses that don't add value to your life, you can and should aggressively remove them from your life (so that you can free up money to save to invest in dividend stocks for passive income, that actually adds value to your life.

Examples of unnecessary expenses (recurring or once-off) that you don't care for or don't use, eg:

  1. The fastest and most expensive Internet connection
  2. Latest gadgets and phones and expensive mobile data plans
  3. Top-of-the-line TV/NetFlix/Cable
  4. Subscriptions of magazines, food, candies
  5. Traveling
  6. Etc

I don't believe in being penny-pinching and saving for the sake of saving - instead, I believe in luxury and enjoyment and spending money to delegate stuff. Core belief #1: save on stuff that you don't care about to be able to spend on stuff that you actually care about.

But if you really care for those stuff, then that's what I do: I find ways to afford stuff I actually treasure and love, and I'll be more than happy to help you =)

Great as saving more is, it is just the bare fundamentals - it's very, very, very hard to "save-till-one-is-rich", which is why there is a need to also focus on...

Earning More

Being able to save is great, but saving is limited to how much/creative you can be to save, but it's limited to how much. To illustrate is that if you make $1000 a month, there is only so much you can save right.

You have the core expenses that you need to spend, and whatever extra, you save from there. Say max of 50% of $1000, which is $500 (just an example).

The problem with saving, is that there is a max limit/cap of how much you can save before you become miserable/miserly/impossible, and that is NOT the philosophy of Nigel Chua dot com.

I want you to be able to freely spend on stuff that matters to you, be it:

  • buying that $1000 pair of shoes
  • taking your family for a family getaway worth thousands of dollars (or upgrading their package...because you can and have the budget for it)
  • stop work and spend time doing stuff you love and spending time with people you care about (like working lesser or from home to be with your kids or just because)
  • giving to a cause/foundation that makes a difference in the world (like building schools, eradicating hunger/poverty/etc)
  • and more

....without running out* (aka budgeting for in advance from your passive income streams).

And that's where Earning More and Investing More comes into play.

Unlike Saving More, Earning More usually has no limit/cap. Given the example above, a person who makes $1000 may be able to save $500 (50%), or maybe a little more. Yes, it's still $500 or more savings.

However, the person who is able to build a side hustle and earn $1000 monthly on the side...or more - there is no limit. If they can earn $500 on the side, they can scale it up to earn $1000, $5000 or more. And they can invest the additional $1000s into dividend stocks and more.

Investing More

Every dollar invested into safe dividend stocks will yield you dividend/interest, and you can then take these dividends and interests and also reinvest them to maximize the compounding yield. An example, say you are able to set aside $1000 every month, and with an average compounding interest of 6% per annum, you will end up with:

  • Year 01: $12,720
  • Year 03: $40,495.39
  • Year 05: $71,703.82
  • Year 10: $167,659.71
  • Year 15: $296,070.34
  • Year 20: $467,912.72

This becomes your nest egg, of which you can then, if you so decide, to spend/live off the dividends. 6% dividends on $467,912 = $28,074.72 per year, which is $2,339.56 per month.

Not bad.

So then, how much do you want or need by time you retire? Depending on the amount you can invest regularly and how much you need, it will affect your ability to spend (or not) during your golden years.

There is so much more upside and potential, but combining Saving More,  Earning More and Investing More works synergistically together.

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