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I run experiments dedicated to building Passive Income Businesses and acquiring Passive Income Investments, so you'll know exactly how to build your Passive Income Lifestyle.

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Hello there! My name is Nigel, and I'm the owner and creator of NigelChua.com. If you're new to the world of Nigel & Family 2015passive income lifestyle from:

…then this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your own passive income portfolios safely confidently.

(If you hadn't already, read my Ultimate Passive Income Lifestyle Blueprint (Framework). That's the fundamental framework of why+how I build and live a passive income lifestyle.)

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You know what, this Passive Income Lifestyle – it's not a walk in a park or a bed of roses…it's catchy, sexy and everyone looks for it but it's not easy. It is a lot of hard work. The reason for it is because it takes time, from months to years. You see, success doesn't happen overnight, but I do know that having a good mentor who has done what you'd like to do can definitely help get you in the right direction – and that's why I'm here.

I'm here mainly to guide, not through commands and hype or false information, but rather through example, honesty, and transparency. Let’s start at the very beginning:

Passive Income Lifestyle: The NigelChua.com Definition

In order to build reliable passive income streams, we must first understand exactly what the term passive income really means. Definitions vary. In my experience, what most individuals crave—and what I focus on here at NigelChua.com—is:

#1 Making Money Online By Building Ethical, Sustainable And Profitable Online Businesses That Delivers Value To Customers

Building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow, and growth to happen without requiring a real-time presence.

#2 Dividend Stock Investing

Gradually learning to identify and accumulate investments that are stable, within my budget and provides stable passive income.

In other words, what we aim is to not trade time for money – instead, we Passive Income Lifestylers invest our time, effort and resources upfront to either build valuable products and experiences for our customers AND/OR accumulate stable investments that pay stable passive income over time. We work and hustle hard now to continually reap the benefits later.

The NigelChua.com Passive Income Lifestyle Model

The Passive Income Lifestyle has 2 core business models:

#1 Making Money Online Ethically And Sustainably

A Online Business model behaves in this simplified approach:

  • You have something valuable that customers want. This can be the form of physical (books, shoes etc) or digital products (e-books, e-reports, audio, training etc) which your readers are looking for.
  • Let's use an example if you carry the rights to a specific e-book and you list it on your website and write the description of the benefits of the book and how it'd help the readers.
  • People will visit your website from different traffic channels, maybe from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing; or maybe from your friend who referred them after reading the book; or from a link from another site – so the visitors who visit your site and saw the e-book that you have listed on the site, and they get interested in the book and they want to buy it.
  • And when they click on the button to buy it, they are taken through a payment processor and when they complete the payment, the payment processor will automatically and immediately send the e-book to them via a link in an email to download the e-book.
  • At the same time, the payment processor will also send the money or commission that's due to you, straight to you.

And when you look at the process above, you realize that you're at the receiving money end of the processes, and you weren't involved in actively talking to the reader, guiding them through the product, delivering the product or even taking payment from the customer – all you did was to put in the effort first to build a good website, build or license good products to sell, and you're good to go.

This is my foundation of my profitable Passive Income Internet Businesses as well as everything I teach here on NigelChua.com. If you've read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, this will be familiar to you – that book (as well as Rich Dad Poor Dad) dramatically inspired how I run my businesses.

#2 Dividend Stock Investing (PII)

Every month, I get rental income; and At fixed intervals throughout the year, I get dividends from my dividend stocks – I don't have to actively look for tenants or anything – everything is wired straight to my bank account.

Dividend Stock Investing (PII) is a skill that I learnt as a byproduct of being an entrepreneur, where I had to learn how to value decisions – what decisions I need to take to achieve a certain outcome etc, and a conscious decision to learn Passive Income Investing, so that I can gradually grow my Passive Income Investments portfolio with a set budget allocated to it.

My Dividend Stock Investing (PII) Portfolio comprises of

  • Dividend Stock (low barrier to entry, need to research on individual public companies to purchase)
  • Land Banking (middle barrier to entry, less research than real estate or dividend stock, medium term)
  • Real Estate (much higher barrier to entry, lots of research required before purchase)

You do not need a lot of money to start your Passive Income Investing Portfolio, because there are so many different passive income investment options, and the most affordable approach I would recommend is investing in dividend stocks (also known as income stocks) or index funds. One can easily start Dividend Investing for as low as $3 a share – so the barrier to Dividend Investing is really low (though I'll recommend to buy in batches of at least $1000 to make the effort and brokerage fees worth the investing).

Update 9th September 2016: I am selling my real estate investments, and am veering/leaning heavier on dividend stock investing, because it's more tax-friendly, less hassle and overall much better yield and suited to my temperaments and lifestyle preferences.

What Passive Income Is Not

Let's do some myth-busting and set some realistic expectations before we go deeper.

1. Generating passive income is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work.

First of all, nothing in life is easy. Making passive income is the same – not easy. There are many internet marketers, bankers, and business owners who will try to tell you that it's all a walk in the park. And you know why? It's simple – they'd like to make money from lies and false hopes. I'm no guru, but I've built a 7-figure business from ground up – I rolled up my sleeves, and work my ass up, treat my people right, and I'm here to tell you the truth:

Building a Passive Income Lifestyle is hard.

I will do my best to guide you and give you all the information you need, but I can't force you to take action that you need to take to progress – that's entirely up to you.

2. Generating passive income does NOT happen overnight.

I've mentioned above that I built a 7-figure business from scratch with my wife, support from loved ones, lots of support of awesome team, and even with that, it took us 6 years plus to reach there.

That is why I believe in the talent of hard work, perseverance, and delivering great value, again and again, refining and doing better. Get Rich Quick schemes are lies and fantasy, and I don't live them. In retrospect, all the efforts, pain, and time we put in has paid off, and we're no longer in the rat race and having to keep working to keep living – I want to keep making my own luck happen. You can do it too.

3. Generating passive income is NOT impossible.

Passive Income was a far-fetched notion to me until 2012 for my physical business, and that's when I decided that I was more valuable as a business owner working ON the business to grow it as compared to being a worker working IN the business, and the business grew and grew ever since I made that move.

When that happened, I started thinking and experimenting in Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and Passive Income Investing (PII) and started seeing passive income slowly trickle into our bank accounts. I still go to my workplace to give consults and help out, but I get to be at important events with my family, work when I want to, and make my own decisions.

The Passive Income Lifestyle is possible, and I want you to experience it too.

Types of Passive Income: What to Expect

Here in NigelChua.com, there are two main types of passive income, based on the core business models that we have:

Making Money Online

The Online Business model is based on an active and recurring passive income model – I am required to set up these online businesses, keep delivering good value to readers and customers, refine business-related aspects such as websites, content etc. But customers tend to be recurring, hence the active and recurring passive income model.

To start, sign up for my mailing list here where you will get a free book on affiliate marketing as well as be the first to get newsletter-only events and product discounts to help you build your online businesses and make money online within your first 8-12 weeks.

Dividend Stock Investing (DSI)

To me, Dividend Stock Investing (DSI) are the true passive recurring income model – once I invest into the company once, as long as I stay invested and as long as the company pays dividends, the dividends will be wired into my bank account, hands free.

BUT that's the reason why one has to do ample research first into the public companies that they want to invest into – you'd need to find out about the company, the industry, the dividend payout etc. It's a bit of work upfront, but if you get it right – you'd be paid well, for years to come. At this point of writing, as I'm still young (born in 1982 – 33 years old in year 2015) – every dollar of my dividends are reinvested back into my Passive Income Investing Portfolio.

I will do this until I achieve my goal of $100,000.00 per year dividends (in practicable terms, if an average ROI is 5%, I will need $2 million dollars invested to get the $100K per annum dividends).

Domain and Hosting Strategy

A website is an essential part of any profitable passive income business done online. There are a few free options like Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress.com. Those are great options for some, but I don’t recommend that path for two important reasons:

  1. When you use a free service, your domain name will almost always be an “extra” extension to the service provider’s own domain. For example, if I created NigelChua.com on free WordPress, the web address would be http://nigelchua.wordpress.com instead of http://www.nigelchua.com.
  2. You have fewer customization options for design, functionality, and revenue. For example, I know that with free WordPress.com sites, you are limited to using only certain plugins, and you aren’t even allowed to advertise.

These two reasons alone are exactly why I recommend going with a self-hosted website. You have more control, it looks more professional, and you can truly call it your own.

My RECOMMENDED Get Started On Building Your Passive Income Lifestyle Course…

Since 2008 I've done a lot of research and collected a lot of data and spoke to hundreds if not thousands of individuals starting their own Passive Income Lifestyle journey, and I understand how excited, scared and nervous that you feel, all at the same time. I also know that sometimes you're not exactly sure what to do first.

Before you start going full steam ahead, I'd love the opportunity to share with you some of the exclusive content and instruction for those of you who wants to build your Passive Income Lifestyle in a safer, more structured and systematic way.


Image result for affilojetpack

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  • simplified: you get what you just need in terms of information and training and the distilled tools to focus on, and you just have to keep taking action based on what they had created and set for you: execute, execute, execute
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Solo Build It

Solo Build It! ProofPreviously known as Site Build It (SBI), it was rebranded/renamed to Solo Build It (SBI) in January 2017. They have a very useful and powerful Action Guide (AG) that taught me step by step; and a supportive forum.

I’ve been using SBI since 2008, and I’ve been very happy with my SBI-powered physiotherapy site generating 6-figures revenue attracting clients online.

Read my review on SBI here.

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BlueHost WebHosting for Self-Hosted WordPress Sites

Since 2008, all my WordPress websites are hosted on BlueHost. Why? They make it so easy to get a new site up and running with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation. Even NigelChua.com is on Bluehost’s easy-to-use and extremely affordable hosting platform.

You can use your Bluehost account to host multiple domains so there’s no need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start another website. Also, they provide outstanding customer service!

I highly recommend using Bluehost for your first website, and you can get started now as low as $2.75/month for the Basic Plan for a single site, but I recommend that you get the medium (Plus) plan, so you can host unlimited sites on it =)

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Solo Build It Versus Self Hosted WordPress

If you’re comparing between SBI and WordPress, read my article with my conclusions between these two. I’ve been using both since 2008/2009.

I Appreciate You!

I just wanted to finish by saying that I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin or continue your Passive Income Lifestyle journey but also as a friend.

I do my best to respond to all emails (it’s getting tougher as this blog gains in popularity, but I will always do my best to respond!). I love to think that I'm special…just like every one of you are. I just work hard, work smart, preservere and do my best to make my family, friends and followers' lives better.

Thank you so much for your support. And if you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to come say hi to me on my personal Facebook Page. I’ll definitely respond, and I look forward to meeting you! Cheers!

Talk soon!