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XtendHealthAsia.com Momentum

I'm writing this post in advance to schedule it, and a quick update is that I've been consistently writing and building XtendHealthAsia.com, since 25th December 2015.

I write this because I'm personally very fascinated, intrigued and interested, all at the same time, because I seem to have hit a sweet and meaningful spot – I think I've discovered one of my passions/interests in health supplementing.

You see, all these while before this, I've been “experimenting” with smaller startups and businesses that seems to fizzle out (in fact, I've a “Failed Project” folder in my dropbox where I categorize all my failed projects) which after a few weeks of starting, my interest would wane and fizzle out. I often don't make more than 20 web pages, but interestingly enough, I've hit more than 60+ webpages for XtendHealthAsia.com.

It's likely the inspirational meeting with Warren, that triggered it; but frankly, I've taken Herbalife, Usana, Jeunesse, Amway, Happy Calm Focused – many. But this one, I didn't rush into it.

I took my time to mull over it after the meeting with Warren.
I took my time to think if I should join.
I took my time to start building the website.
I took my time to even get my own email address.
I took my time to plan out the processes, workflow and flowchart.

All these were missing in my previous smaller launches of other businesses, which all failed.

More scarily is that I'm thinking of how to systematize, structure and build it to scale and replicate effectively across Asian countries, and so far, I'm still interested.

Let's see what happens =D

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