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XtendHealthAsia.com and Xtend-Life

As you know, I took the time to mull over after a chat with Warren late 2015, when he asked me if I'd like to do more to help build up Xtend-Life's presence in Asia, I took a month plus to ponder and think about it.

You see, I had just taken the move to leave Jeunesse after finding out how multi-level marketing (MLM) or also known as network marketing products prices are bumped up to pay out more, and how the quality tends to not be its best (their products are not regulated/approved by US Food & Drug Administration, or any other regulations), and how MLMs tend to work is to work by recruitment. MLMs strength is its dedication to sales training and sales though.

It was not obvious when I first joined, but after carefully studying it, and more importantly, when I compared it to Xtend-Life which has been around since 2000, and have 4 regulations/approvals:

  • United States Food & Drug Administration
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • New Zealand Ministry of Health
  • British Pharmacopeia

Having 4 regulations makes its quality world-class.

Being in healthcare has shown me how much difference quality is when an item is a regulated item; and the more it is regulated, it tends to be very high quality. Next, I looked at price – the best item in Xtend-Life is their Total Balance Premium series, which costs USD 103.00 for 30 days supply, and contains 99 ingredients that have been separately tested and each of the ingredients have their own certificate of analysis (COA) that you can request for. Every batch has its own COA. Compare that to Jeunesse Finity that is just anti-oxidants gel that is not even regulated or approved by US FDA…and the Finity goes for USD 192, close to 2x the price of Total Balance Premium series.

Kinda straightforward to see and understand, but that may be just me. As I grow older, I get tired, wary and cautious of “chasing the wind” where people get excited about “being the first” and “recruit more” – as I get older, I want to do things that are more meaningful and valuable to me.

And that's one of the reasons why I left Jeunesse and why I joined Xtend-Life instead.

Xtend-Life's values resonated with me – dedication and obsession over quality and regulated, value for money, and focusing on customers' health and not just feeding people dreams to sell more products. I can see myself growing with this company, and likely very long term.

Which is why my momentum in building my Xtend-Life affiliate website at www.xtendhealthasia.com is still going on strong, and I will do my best.

If natural health supplements and skin care is something you appreciate, do visit Xtend Health Asia.