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Work-at-Home Job Ads And Rip-Offs

Ok, I've you're new to the world of work from home, you may have come across some scams that hide behind legitimate work at home advertisements. Interestingly and annoyingly, if the ad mentioned that it's a typing job…then why is the “employer” asking you to shell out $50 to buy the training kit?

A job is a job is a job right?

When I go looking for a job, my employer won't and can't ask me to pay money to start the job right? If you've come across any jobs like that, I recommend you to turn around and walk away. Slowly and surely.

There is no magic to this: an authentic work from home ad will contain specifics and details, including

  • exactly what you will do,
  • where you will work,
  • exactly how much you will/can earn
  • and the most important: they will welcome your call and conversation

Those scammers will not want receive or listen or discuss with you, preferring for you to sign up online and make payment for the “start up kit.”

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