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What is value? Is it value if it could be sourced free online?

Is it ok to make someone pay for information that is available online?

What do you think?

Different people has different thinking, but generally most of the time, people will say no, that's not fair. I say it'd depend, if the person knew that the information is available online, but some smart entrepreneur decided to collate and put it into an easily retrieved format for a price – would customers buy?


EVEN if they know the information can be found online.

And EVEN MORESO if the service and product helps the customers to achieve their business, investment and targeted goal.

For me, I gauge it as “why not?”

For me, I pay for outcomes and convenience. And as long as the products and services I buy helps me to achieve my own goals in an ethical and moral way – I am happy to pay.

What do you think?

If you’re a student, stay at home mum (SAHM), working full time or part time, or retired: you must build an online business on the side. Please don’t quit your job yet, build it on the side until it’s profitable enough to replace your salary, then you have more options.

It’s not a luxury but truly a necessity for your future.

I’ve built multiple businesses (and lost multiple too) and I can tell you frankly that building a business on the internet is the cheapest/most cost-effective way to business. There are thousands of people who do so sharing on topics that they’re passionate about (like how NigelChua.com shares on passive income and online business, which is my passion…for years now).

I know I am making some money online (see my income reports), and I know my financial future is getting better and better. But it is not easy, and takes a lot of time to learn and apply but I am building my passive income internet businesses that will work for me day in, day out; serving readers and customers profitably and delivering value 24/7.

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