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Wealthy Affiliate Does Not Refund Prepaid Membership Amounts

I shared in an earlier series of posts called

In summary, I had too many websites/providers on my hand (about 30+ websites across 3 providers) and with a new baby coming on board, I need to realistically streamline the amount websites and providers I had and I decided to cut down my Wealthy Affiliate membership and the WP sites I have on them.

It's not because they're bad; if anything, the level of support, the love and strength of the community/forum, and Kyle and Carson are great (easy to connect with and you can just message them directly).

It's just that realistically, I've limited time/energy, and I'd like to focus, and WA to me was the optional one. So I dropped them a note that I'd like to cancel my membership, and they dropped me an email to say that they're sorry to see me go.

I know I had prepaid for my membership there, so I asked for a membership refund, and I got this email:

Basically I've prepaid up to 597 days in advance for Wealthy Affiliate, and what Wealthy Affiliate is saying that I will not get any refunds, instead, my account will expire in 597 days.

So up to now, I actually have zero complaints about my membership in Wealthy Affiliate, except the usual:

newbies can be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things to learn (but that happens anywhere in any courses)

This time I disagree with the rationale that Wealthy Affiliate has an option to enjoy around 40% discount by paying for the annual membership BUT note that it's not refundable at this point in writing.

It was mentioned that the affiliate commissions had already been paid out, so they cannot refund the amount (I hope that this isn't the ONLY reason, because if it is, then it's a slippery slope).

I know for any businesses, paying good and timely sales commission is important to keep getting new customers in, which keeps the business robust and strong, but on the other hand, to me Wealthy Affiliate is similar to a gym: we go there to strengthen our understanding, experience and outcomes in internet marketing.

(And yes maybe they say that it's not refundable also because it's written in the agreement and that they don't want us to give up half way, fine.)

But if I stop my gym membership, I expect them to refund any prepaid money, if not in full, at least deducting admin fees. Not just tell me that they can't refund as affiliate fees has been paid out.

This is my only gripe about Wealthy Affiliate, and their community, support and training is still highly rated.

I've been writing and comparing between Site Build It (now known as Solo Build It) and Wealthy Affiliate for some time now, and here is a stark difference: Site Build It REFUNDS pro-rated, and sucks up any affiliate fees.

Their idea is, if you don't use it, then don't pay for it.

Which I agree philosophically and commercially.

Moving forward, I will recommend Solo Build It in higher priority, and share with you some ideas why I've struggled between these two, and how I ended up deciding with Solo Build It again. Read my Solo Build It review here.