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Use Acquisition Versus Making Money: Which is more important?

So…I find it deeply fascinating to read and see about venture capitalist companies pumping money into tech start ups which focus a lot on getting X and Y amount of users. In fact, I was in a very short-lived pre-start up that focused a lot on the local market, and one of the co-founders also was very focused on getting users and “get funding to continue the churn and burn”.

It is a concept that is highly alien to me, because it just doesn't make sense to me.

I would never invest in such a company.

I raised it again and again, that I want to create businesses that are self-financing and self-reliant from the get-go, so I want a time frame of 3 months to at most 12 months and a business MUST be profitable enough to pay employees, ourselves and provide damn good value to customers to keep coming back for me, and have extra for growth, research etc.

But this is me, maybe because I don't understand the world of tech, tech start ups and tech investing.

But what I can say, whatever I start up, I'm not going to do the pony dance and sing to raise funds, I rather take that time to actually serve customers, do deep research, and build a profitable company.

And when the company is profitable, the investors may or may not come, and that's irrelevant. Because it's self-financing and profitable. And I can scale it and grow it without having investors being worried and wanting to me to keep having meetings with them (the show and dance thing) to ease them that the business will be good.

What about yourself?

If you're a student, stay at home mum, or an executive, you must find a side hustle that you can build on the side.

It's not a luxury, it is a necessity.

It will give you options and flexibility and choices, and can be very low cost to learn and test and grow. Heck, the option that I am putting to you has even a free version (sign up for the free membership that don’t even need a credit card too) and learn all you can about online business, experiment with the 2 free websites too.

I am making money online, and I can foresee my financial future getting better and better.

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I’m tired of being cheated and scammed by gurus and programs out there that promises I will make money online by shelling out hundreds if not hundreds of dollars for their magic solution – note to self: there is no magic bullet solution. I am building my online businesses from scratch, finally making money online and I’ll recommend you learn it too. It’s a life skill and it’d future-proof your life and future income.

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