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Dear readers and visitors: we are in midst of porting NigelChua.com to another platform - come back on 20th November - we should be live by then =)

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Ugh…Making So Many Mistakes (I’m Still Happy Though)

Busy as I am, it pours when it rains. I shared that I'm running two different experiments for my online adventures: one is here in NigelChua.com and another is a dating site for women.

In NigelChua.com, I introduced a few new stuff such as:

And just last night, I realized there was a few issues:

#1 My Report Download Page Was Being Accessed But Sign Ups Remained The Same

Basically this means that readers came across my free report download page without signing up to my newsletter (I thought that I kept that page un-indexed but I guess it was too simple to find (oh well…). In a sense I'm happy that there are readers who are keen to get my report, but I'm reserving the report only for readers who sign up to my newsletter via my opt-in pages to make it fair to my other subscribers =)

So I've changed the download report to  be available in the 1st newsletter =P

#2 Crossovers In My Internet Marketing Newsletter With The Dating Tips One (Face Palm)

Ugh…there was a few issues in this group of problems, basically those who signed up to my NigelChua.com mailing list

  • my FIRST welcome email had the wrong email addresses on the from and reply to section in ALL MY NEWSLETTER SEQUENCES. I had to go into the system and changed all 91 of them. Ugh.

#3 My Confirmation Note Said The Wrong Thing In The Headline!!!

Again, I died when I realized this

I took the time to correct all the mistakes and errors, which took me roughly about 3 hours to resolve them all (the newsletter correction took the longest) but weirdly enough…I'm not pissed or annoyed or angry.

I'm just sorry for the readers who saw the wrong email on it – sorry guys!

Now that I've resolved it, I feel that it's a very good exercise, and I had the opportunity to improve some parts like adding in links for readers to navigate after subscribing. I felt that was useful to me.

LOL. Ok, after laughing, I hope you don't make the same mistakes like me =D