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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Every one of us tell ourselves stories all the time.

These stories may be real, they may not be real, but they're stories that we tell ourselves, or stories that we recall actively or subconsciously from the books that we read, people we meet or observations that we've noted. Sometimes they're subconscious, and more importantly, where this post will lead you.

Here's what this post is about:

Where we end up in life or in the end, is the cumulation of actions and behaviors as a result of the stories we tell ourselves.

Look at a person who tells themselves that they “can make it” and they strive harder and keep getting up after stumblings and struggling – there are so many people like that in the world. I'm one of the examples myself, and I'm no one exceptionally special or bright.

I wasn't the favorite student in my class (in fact, I think that my class teachers and classmates pretty much looked down upon me during my tiertary education). The same can be said during my 3-year stint in a public hospital, and my 1-2 year stint as a freelancer.

That was between 2002 to 2010.

Today, in 2016, I employ the brightest minds in specialist rehab therapists to work with me to deliver the best orthopedic and sports rehab outcomes in Singapore in a company that I co-founded with my wife.

I assure you, I came from Malaysia, with no childhood friends and network to support me, but people who believed in me as I delivered good works, since and work hard consistently, and if someone like me can do it, anyone can.

Yet, there are countless ultra-smart individuals who do not make the cut, unfortunately. Perhaps they wait wait wait, or have a perfectionistic streak, or have very high expectations because of where they came from. Perhaps, because of where I came from, I couldn't wait, couldn't be perfect and couldn't have high expectations.

I told myself this story: success comes to those who are diligent and consistent. Meaning that to succeed, I cannot wait – it is up to me to work hard and consistently and sincerely to build up my success, and no one would hand it to me.

That's the story I tell myself, and this story keeps expanding as I gather more actual, live and real data where I go out there and work and refine my deliverables, as opposed to the brilliant critics and smarts who prefer to debate within their heads and with others why things cannot work.

That is not the realm I work with, because success goes to those who earn it.

I believe in hard work to build strong and valuable assets that deliver high quality services and value to clients who in turn are more than happy to pay for value derived; and I use the profits prudently and invests into dividend stocks that in turn pay me a consistent dividend for my future use. Rinse and repeat, live life, love God and family. Boring but this is the story I hold fast to, and it has since become by compass to guide me and keep me safe from slick smooth talkers and lying scammers.

Today, what is the story you tell yourself? What keeps you going? Or if you're “already there”, then what next? What do you tell yourself?

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