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Surveylot.com didn’t work for me

Ok, maybe there's some way to make good money online, but it didn't work with me – my experiment led me to report that there was a lot of movement, but zero revenue.

Surveylot.com promised a list of companies that will pay up to $100 per survey, but unsurprisingly it didn't deliver on its promises. Their initial emails to me:

1.You register with the best 10-20 paid survey websites (and this costs you nothing)
2. Within 7 days, you will start to receive more paid survey invitations than you can handle
3. Then you get to cherry pick the best opportunities that fit your schedule, etc.
4. And then you start making hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars a month

That's what was said, but it didn't work that way…maybe if I sign up for 10-20 survey sites and try to do, but it seems pointless and not only will it take up a lot of time for little to nil revenue, and to make matters worse, it's active income, meaning if I stopped doing the surveys – my income online goes to zero.

I don't like that – what's the point of creating a low-paid online job for myself?

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