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Should I Start With Wealthy Affiliate, Solo Build It or Affilorama?

I'm so happy that I'm getting more emails directly from my readers, and one of my readers mailed to ask me this:

​Hi Nigel,
I just got your affiliate guide and I thank you. I found you by searching out SBI. From what I have read on your site, you have some diverse ideas about both WA and SBI and Affiliorama. What are you now promoting between the 3? I want to get started in Affiliate Marketing and I have a  little experience in the field but at this point in time I am basically a newbie. I basically built a few niche websites with NPC about 4 years ago. There was no support there.
If I sign up at your SBI affiliate link, are you available to help get me off to a good start? Or do you concentrate more on WA or Affiliorama? Thanks Nigel!

My reply was:

Hi (Name), thank you so much for connecting with me, and I'll try my best to answer you. Note that this is a long email, and a quick summary is:

  • I highly recommend Solo Build It because they provide you the complete teachings via the Action Guide, has a helpful community, and I've built multiple profitable sites using SBI personally. My SBI sites has lots of organic traffic because of the teachings and the actions I take as a result. They have their faults too, see below.
  • My second recommendation is Affilorama because they provide 4 main key benefits including providing you the proven niches, 20 articles per niche, proven products and 1 year's worth of autoresponder. Main problem is that they are mainly based on WordPress, and WordPress has its issues as well from security, traffic etc.

On WA vs SBI vs Affilorama

First and foremost, I highly recommend Solo Build It – I've been using their platform to build multiple profitable sites since 2009, and they're ethical, the Action Guide is super useful and they have great support.

In my opinion, SBI has few minor problems:

  1. Their website is built using BlockBuilder, which can seem clunky but I actually enjoy using it.
  2. Their designs is very limited compared to WordPress
  3. Their support may not be as fast as WA, but they're reliable.

But, in the end…as business owners and entrepreneurs, we need to be objective and look at the bottomline.

Bottomline KPI: ALL my SBI sites have good organic traffic and results (sales) compared to my WordPress sites.

Frankly at this point in time, I am not comfortable recommending WA because of some of the practices they have including not having a refund policy “because they have paid the affiliate who referred” – I disagree with this. They also have other questionable practices covered below.

In fact, SBI has come up with an indepth study comparing SBI vs WA here:

More importantly in the study above, SBI has proven that people who follow and use SBI consistently is 33x more likely to be successful than someone who had been on the WA community (there's more than that too that is mentioned in the 3 articles above).


What I like about Affilorama is how they have created a “plug and play system” primarily for WordPress users, and some benefits off hand:

  1. 18 tested niches (you can unlock 5, any more, you have to buy more unlocks)
  2. 20+ articles pre-written (you will need to re-write them so that it'd have your voice)
  3. Updated and proven products from Clickbank, ShareaSale etc
  4. 1 year's worth of pre-written newsletters that are filled with content and with affiliate links from item 3 above.

These are the 4 main key takeaway from Affilorama.

For Advanced Solo Build It Users

For the very advanced SBI users, I recommend that they become premium members in Affilorama, because of the 4 key takeaways available there. SBI is wonderful to build the high-traffic website that gains organic traffic, but Affilorama helps with the monetization especially through proven affiliate products and pre-written newsletters.

It IS a little challenging to connect Affilorama's newsletters funnel to SBI sites, as it's a little technical, but I, a tech klutz managed to do it with some time, effort and research. I think if I can do it, you definitely can too.


I cannot recommend SBI enough, and it's not about the affiliate commissions to me, because I do make way more than that in my businesses and investment. It just worked well for me, and I believe with consistent work and by following the Action Guide, you'd achieve success too in affiliate marketing and online.

Don't just listen to me, check out the proof and case studies.
Hope this helps! I am always an email away – talk soon!
PS: Solo Build It has a 90-days money back guarantee ie if for some reasons you don't like it or don't want to continue, cancel your subscription within 90 days to get a full refund. If you've gone beyond 90 days, it'd be prorated. BUT please don't go in with the refund mindset – most affiliate businesses and online businesses take at least 1-2 years to gain authority and traction, so don't give up.