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Sorry, I hadn’t updated my passive income reports =(

Hello hello to readers of NigelChua.com!

I got up this morning to receive a Facebook message by one of my readers:

Hi Nigel, chance upon your website nigelchua.com and wish to seek your views on wealthy affiliate. why have you not update since sept 2016 on your income? Is it not working out for you?

First of all, I'd like to apologize to you. I'm sorry, in the month of October-November 2016, I had been caught up with launching 2 clinics for my physiotherapy business so that really took time in the setting up and managing the influx of new therapists and other operational issues. I hope it doesn't come across as excuses, but I am definitely working on this site still.

Secondly, to the reader who messaged me, thank you so much! Your message kicked me in the shins and reminded me that I have readers that I am accountable to, and that this blog matters. Thank you.

And thirdly, to answer on Wealthy Affiliate, my verdict is still the same: I am still a user of WA, and in fact, I just renewed my subscription under the 2016 Black Friday offer which effectively decreased the annual price of $359 per year to $299 per year (oh yeaah!!!!). I am ignoring the monthly version which is $49 per month entirely because (1) $49 x 12 months = $588 which is a lot more per year and (2) more importantly, I go yearly because online success doesn't happen in a few months.

Update 16/5/2017: I am no longer comfortable promoting and using Wealthy Affiliate because of their practices: (1) teaching new members how to “slam other IM products to promote WA” and their policy to no-refunds.

It can take anything from 12 to 24 months+ to make decent money.

I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate and I recommend my readers who want to learn how to make money online, join a very active forum, work alongside with me (I will be in the same community as well) and build your own online businesses to join.

If money is a concern or if you're cautious, please join the free version first. The free version is for life and is more basic, but you can learn the basic online business and even get 2 websites for free. Only when you're ready, upgrade and go for the paid one.

For me, because (1) I have a budget to experiment and learn and build online business (I set aside about $500 per year for such events) and (2) more importantly, I've been trying at this for years. Since 2005. I've failed again and again, and had scammy gurus cheating me thousands of dollars…with no results.

If you’re a student, stay at home mum (SAHM), working full time or part time, or retired: you must build an online business on the side. Please don’t quit your job yet, build it on the side until it’s profitable enough to replace your salary, then you have more options.

It’s not a luxury but truly a necessity for your future.

I’ve built multiple businesses (and lost multiple too) and I can tell you frankly that building a business on the internet is the cheapest/most cost-effective way to business. There are thousands of people who do so sharing on topics that they’re passionate about (like how NigelChua.com shares on passive income and online business, which is my passion…for years now).

I know I am making some money online (see my income reports), and I know my financial future is getting better and better. But it is not easy, and takes a lot of time to learn and apply but I am building my passive income internet businesses that will work for me day in, day out; serving readers and customers profitably and delivering value 24/7.

To learn how I to make money online, join my mailing list and visit my resources page to see all the tools I use actively to build money making online businesses.