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Promised Updates Of What I Had Planned For Online Business Growth

Image result for updatesWhew, what busy months May and June 2017 had been, preparing and executing for a major physiotherapy clinic launch in Tanjong Pagar Singapore – it's truly our largest setup ever, and it involved many, many more processes than before. I'm glad it's launched and operational, so now I can get back to blogging on NigelChua.com.

I've managed to update the long-overdue May 2017 Passive Income Report (I wrote and published on 26th June 2017, close to one full month after the month of May 2017) – sorry for the delay, to my readers.

The Updates:

#1 As some of you may know, I am building a relationship advice for women website, based on my purchase of AffiloJetPack/Affilorama by Mark Ling (sign up for the free version of Affilorama here), where I learnt tons. I've been working on that site since early May 2017, so it's still in Google Sandbox (for those who don't know, Google Sandbox is basically where all new websites have less search engine love for the first six months by Google). But that's ok, I've still tons to write.

The main focus of the women's dating website is to build a website that is SEO-driven, and for readers to sign up onto the email list which is the only way readers can get access to any products that will help level up their relationship and dating game. It is a purely Solo Build It powered site, which is my #1 platform to build any online business successfully.

#2 I've been receiving correspondence from readers to discuss with me about starting their journey to make money online, and in all conversations, they have always shared that they preferred to connect with me because I am more relatable and down-to-earth. I am very happy to hear this, because I do work hard to ensure that all that I share, write and do is transparent and relatable (or am I relatable cos of my prolonged dismal results online???? Ugh – I will keep plugging away anyway =D)

#3 I have decided to invest money into:

  • two separate and different customized WordPress sites which will be custom-built from scratch by specialists
  • outsourcing content research, curation and uploading to both of the new sites AS WELL AS to NigelChua.com

On top of that, I am also setting funds aside to invest into outsourced link building and guest posting activities for the next 12 months, until I have definite results and outcomes.

Of course, I do hope I can and will start increasing the level of online business income from all three WordPress sites, as well as my health supplements and dating tips for women site. At the same time, please note that I will still be actively writing on NigelChua.com still, so don't worry – I won't go missing AWOL. NigelChua.com IS my labor of love, and I am just investing and experimenting to level up with it because I want to see it go to the next level.

I am aware that I have quite a bit on my hands, BUT at least the content creation for both of the new WordPress sites is 100% outsourced, so frankly, I wont have that much to do on it. This time, I want to try the option of “paying/investing” for specialists to “do it for me”, and I really do hope it'd work.

I will share more on the details on this later, but for now, I will not share the URL so that there won't be any unnecessary distractions eg unnecessary additional traffic from this site, or anyone who tries to copy the website etc – I want it to be truly 100% organic so I have as little distractions/variables…and if this really works, I will then invest more/reinvest earnings into additional outsourced content creation, link building and guest posting.

If you're interested on finding out more on this process/projects and how much they cost, and how it's being managed, please comment in the comment section below.

Talk soon!