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Porting NigelChua.com From WP To SBI Seems Viable

I shared yesterday in a post Should I Port NigelChua.com to Solo Build It? and after checking with both Bluehost and  Solo Build It, it seems that both sides agreed that I can port with minimal downtime (ie my WordPress NigelChua.com will be live UNTIL my SBI NigelChua.com goes live).

This is done by pointing of name servers only after I had finished porting all the posts, pages and articles from the WordPress version to the Solo Build It version.

Right now, I've about 607 posts and 15 pages on WP NigelChua.com.

As I think and believe it's going to be very painful to port over manually by myself, I checked with a VA company that specializes in porting SBI > WP or WP > SBI, and they were very responsive.

They quoted me that they can port 5 posts from WP to SBI in an hour for $8, so for 605 pages, that'd be 121 man hours x $8 = $968. The timeline is 3+ weeks.

I negotiated for a pay-as-you-go approach ie the VA delivers 1/3, I pay 1/3; and repeat until the job is complete – the VA company is agreeable and I am pleased with the flexibility. I am openly considering both porting NigelChua.com from being WP based to Solo Build It based on the reasons I shared in the earlier article, and it makes it easier that I can have a dedicated VA to help me port over.

If I really go ahead with it, I think I will first purchase the Solo Build It account, ensure that I can start building the main pages in it ie

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Passive Income Reports
  • etc

So that it'd be easier for the VA company to just start porting everything over as-is. I'm both excited and scared for the next phase of NigelChua.com.

Keep you posted!

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