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Dear readers and visitors: we are in midst of porting NigelChua.com to another platform - come back on 20th November - we should be live by then =)

I run experiments dedicated to building Passive Income Businesses and acquiring Passive Income Investments, so you'll know exactly how to build your Passive Income Lifestyle.

Should I Port NigelChua.com to Solo Build It?

NigelChua.com has been on WordPress since 2009, and it's been here ever since.

However, I was thinking if I should port over NigelChua.com to Solo Build It, given that

  • all my online results are from my Solo Build It sites
  • there is little need to be distracted by stuff like plugin, security, etc
  • I do know that I've garnered some readers, but there's little comments anyway
  • and other benefits?

I think as 2017 is coming to a close in a couple of months time, doing this now will also enable me to consolidate the thoughts and ideas in NigelChua.com, and have a specific brand/look too.

I am thinking of tightening up my brand to focus on

  • passive income, passive income lifestyle
  • early retirement, financial independence and freedom
  • decreasing costs/consumerism and saving as much as possible to invest in positive cash flow assets (especially stable dividend stocks)
  • engaging in meaningful living/relationships/work as well as craft/hobbies that has abilities to be monetized and increasing meaningful productivity

Mainly is to put money where my mouth is. I've been using Solo Build It for all my “serious money making ventures” and I'm thinking of leveling up NigelChua.com to be more serious rather than casual. I'm still thinking how to “consolidate my thoughts, feelings, hopes and aspirations” for readers of NigelChua.com, because to me, NigelChua.com encapsulates a “working system” of how to live a meaningful, rich and purposeful life by freeing oneself financially from the traditional work-till-65, survive weekdays, celebrate weekends, amass debts and liabilities, work somemore until retirement then live on whatever one can.


My ideal aspiration (personally) and for my serious readers is:

  • Retire between 35-45

  • Has multiple streams of passive income from dividend stocks/businesses that is more than yearly living expenses. Better still, has more than enough streams to afford luxuries and liabilities.

  • Spends quality time with oneself, loved ones (relationships), pursuing worthy craft/hobbies

  • Generally making the world a better place

But what's holding me back now is just some minor issues such as porting over 600+ articles, which I may outsource (it's really painful). Speaking to both Bluehost and Solo Build It now to see how I can make the transition smoother.

Update you soonest!

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