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Personal Online Business Case Study: Making $20-$30/Month (Nett) Selling Health Supplements

In a previous post, I shared about how shockingly simple maths is required to retire early in Singapore (or anywhere else in the world) – and I ended the article with a recommendation for any Singaporean, Singaporean PR or resident of Singapore (and anyone in the world) to take time, effort and money to learn how to build a profitable online business with Solo Build It.

I've shared openly on one of my online health publishing business: XtendHealthAsia.com which focuses on bringing high quality, natural and potent organic health supplements and skincare from Xtend Life, from New Zealand.

Caveat: I am not making much money from this venture yet, the nett amount average is about $20-$30 a month after deducting the expenses; there is much more to be done to grow this business but unfortunately, with a newborn, growing physical business – much of my time is limited. I will try to allocate 2-5 hours a week again once my newborn son reaches around 3 months old.

Humble Health Website

I've been taking health supplements from Xtend Life since 2014/2015, and am particularly happy with their quality, value and results. Note that I started taking their supplements first before starting to be an affiliate for them, and till today in 2017, I am still taking their supplements.

I started XtendHealthAsia.com in February 2016, and used Site Build It then (it has since rebranded itself to Solo Build It in 2017), and slowly built it page by page to 400+ articles to date (and still adding). It is really hard to keep researching, testing and writing articles on health and health supplements, but it really helps that:

  • I am a customer
  • I am in healthcare
  • I am interested in health supplements (likely because of my experience in healthcare)
  • And I have gotten some results (not high, but a good start)

Why Am I So Comfortable Recommending Solo Build It?

I am only comfortable recommending products and services that I had used before, and it must have a positive/useful effect. I've been using Solo Build It since 2010, and read my review on why I Stay With Site Build It! (SBI!) – An SBI! Walkthrough

For XtendHealthAsia.com, building on SBI always helps me to build natural and organic search results based on the keywords in the articles, but written naturally and organically without “trying to game Google” – it's never been my intention to do so, I just write the articles as it is =D

Results of using SBI to build XtendHealthAsia.com:

You can see how it started at end of December 2015, but traffic and page view started climbing from January 2016, and gradually increasing as I wrote more and more articles. Confession: when I first started, I wrote a lot, like 2-4 articles a day, but as time went by, I got distracted with life, kids, work etc, and I've decreased my article writing (which explains the dip in traffic stats)


My Xtend Life Affiliate Dashboard

You can see some months are hot, some months are not, and it goes up and down, but it's ok as it's still a positive experience and I know customers who are buying through my link are having their health improved and are repurchasing. Most importantly to me, is that I serve the health supplement needs of these customers and in return for delivering value, I get paid an affiliate commission.

Nothing magical, just research, test, write, write, write.

All these numbers are shown in my month passive income reports, but this is the first time I'm writing about one of the online health projects that I own and run – I hope you enjoy it =D


It's because of my results of using Solo Build It with my physiotherapy business and XtendHealthAsia.com that I feel so confident and comfortable recommending Solo Build It personally to my family, friends, colleagues and to you, my readers here on NigelChua.com.

I've personally used it and am still using it till today, because it delivers results that I like.

Do check Solo Build It out here, and read my review on it here.

It costs USD 299 per year or USD 25 per month, and I highly recommend you to sign up and learn how to build your own profitable online business (there is step by step instructions, a supportive founder and forum, deep research on your niches and keywords) – do this to learn a new skill that will give you more upsides and income potential for your future.

Don't worry too much about nitty-gritty mechanics such as not knowing what products or services in what niches etc to market etc – all those are covered in Solo Build It as well. The world is big!

Do check Solo Build It out here.

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