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Another Realization: Patric Chan and his ClickBank (CB) Passive Income Has The Right Approach

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About a year plus ago in 2016, I met Patric Chan and another internet marketer in a talk in Singapore, and I signed up for Patric's training course which was held over 2 days in Kuala Lumpur. In that course, it's basically the live, taught in person version of CB (ClickBank) Passive Income, and we learnt about creating web pages, but more importantly, how to leverage his program to make money online in the internet marketing niche.

His solution then to me was heavily skewed towards solo ads buying, and driving these solo ads traffic to the 4 squeeze pages that we will get with our own individual links that are tagged to ClickBank, and all we had to do was to drive traffic to these 4 squeeze pages.

And that's the fastest and best way to enter to make money online and internet marketing niche.

I tried it and I made money on the first day, though I didn't earn back the amount I invested, but it works. The game would be then to ensure sufficient ad budget and to run solo buy ads regularly, and refining my solo ads sources until my list was big enough to create clickbank revenues and payout to buy solo ads, and to keep on doing it.

My gripe on it them was:

  • it didn't teach me how to drive my own traffic nor build an authority site that was our own, instead I/students just “plug into his CB passive income system” which made us highly reliant only on his model (note: the list that was built belonged to us though his system will help us market products on our behalf)
  • there was more focus on making money online in the internet marketing industry, not much options to go out of CB passive income
  • CB passive income system also included marketing CB passive income as well as other internet marketing products which were hot/converting

It didn't gel with me that I'm beholden to a single system that didn't belong to me (CB passive income), that I didn't have much options to go into other niches that is non-internet marketing, but his system will work for newbies who wants to enter the make money online niche fast – his system is the lean approach of creating a list and sending marketing emails with affiliate links.

Funnily enough, with me signing up for AffiloJetPack, I realized that we also recommend CB Passive Income, but this time, I don't feel at odds with it. In fact, more weirdly, I CAN appreciate the work that Patric has done to short circuit the internet marketing system for newbies, and I am becoming more comfortable with marketing the same program.

I think I've grown a little.

I still prefer AffiloJetPack, for so many reasons – it's like the expanded version of CB Passive Income course that I signed up for, and with 90+ email autoresponders per niche, 18 proven niches to choose from etc. I feel that AJP is more well-rounded, holistic and “fair” in the sense that you get to choose which niche and direction you want to go.