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Pa Would Be Amused and Intrigued

I was just thinking – my late old man was also quite interested in health supplementing – I would see lots of his supplements around the house, and I roughly recall throughout the years that he would show me a new supplement and explain to me its benefits and what it does for the body.

It's interesting.

Perhaps that too, contributed to me developing passion in the field of natural health supplementing. I mean, I've shared before many times I think, why I pursue and have passion for highly-regulated natural health supplements:

  1. I'm in healthcare – I've seen the ravages of diseases, illness and trauma to a person and their families finances, emotions, mental health. It is very painful, and can be costly. With more and more research showing how nutrient-deficits and poor nutrition leads to diseases, this just makes sense
  2. As a healthcare trained professional, I respect and look forward to highly-regulated solutions. A medical term of this is call “evidence-based medicine/practice”, and the more regulation a solution is, the safer. Which explains why I'm very interested in Xtend-Life, for having the following regulatory and authority behind them:

    a) United States Food & Drug Administration (US FDA)
    b) current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
    c) New Zealand Ministry Of Health (NZ MOH)
    d) British Pharmacopeia

    All their ingredients are separately tested by GMP and FDA approved neutral labs before those ingredients can even be used as ingredients – imagine that obsession. I love this level of obsession to details.

On top of that, they've been around since 1998, and has a long list of returning customers, have a solid 1 year money back guarantee and their prices are very affordable.

To me, this is a very exciting industry and venture to be in, and I believe that I'll be in XtendHealthAsia.com for a very, very long time (I think possibly I can do this for the rest of my life).

If my dad was still alive, I think he'd be so intrigued and interested in all their natural and highly regulated health supplements, and we'd probably spend more time together discussing these supplements and even maybe possibly working together.