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Pa, I miss our chats and fellowship

Pa, I miss you.

How are you? Today marks 11 months since you left us.

You know what, pa?

I miss the simplicity of our relationships and communications, over theology, food, life, business and money. I miss your quiet and gentle wisdom (of course when you went mad, you're really mad!)

I miss poking fun at you about your non-existant retirement plans, those times where I poked fun at your quirks.

Above all, I really miss those quiet chats, as well as those passionate heated, open debates. That's what I really treasure, those fun moments of connecting.

Most of the time, we're seated in the hall, either one of us on the floor and the other on the chair; and able to talk openly and disagree with each other, or agree together, all in the name of learning and fellowship – that was fun! And we would go and do our research, and resume our banter and talk again.

I'd love to do that with you again and again.

Pa, oh pa, I miss you.

See you when I do.