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Old ClickBank Report 30th December 2015 – April 2017…Ugh.

So I chanced across John Crestani's internet jetset video ads as I was streaming YouTube, and found his approach really mild and palatable (as opposed to those obnoxious and too-far-to-reach-gurus), so I signed up for his webiner (if you're curious/interested too, go here)

Anyways, what happened was that prompted me to “take a look around at what's happening in the internet business space”, which led to:

  1. My old ClickBank account (ugh)

    I was surprised that it's still active recently, and went through the reporting part. In 2016, I made a grand total of $52.33, which is $1 a week for 52 weeks in 2016.2017? Nothing to date LOL. Ok…so…good to know (or is it bad to know?)
  2. Then, out of the blue, I decided to search for “Wealthy Affiliate Scam” and found this article by Jeff Lenney
    I wouldn't go as far as to say Wealthy Affiliate is a scam – they'd been around for 10+ years, providing good education and community to newbies>expert internet marketers to make money online with loads of success stories. Jeff's point of contention is how many WA-powered/member review sites that operates by bashing other IM solutions and recommend WA though they hadn't tested the other IM solutions. I think his point is fair for this issue specificly.

    My beef with WA (I pulled out my membership with them recently) because I had found out that Wealthy Affiliate do not refund unused prepaid membership accounts…and their reason was (1) it's in the terms and conditions and (2) they “had already paid the affiliate commissions to the affiliate who signed me up”. The one who signed me up was Steve, and he is a super duper guy, and I really respect him and his works, but I think that WA needs to take care of their customers as much as their sales and marketing recruiters. For that reason, I no longer confidently promote WA.

  3. From Jeff Lenney's page, I realized that he makes around 5-6 digits per month in affiliate commissions, and that sparked my mind to read more about him and his content, and I found that all the reviews that he do and publishes on his blog, he purchases them in full and tests them before recommending them (transparent, sincere way to do reviews).And from his report on Wealthy Affiliate, I realized that I had missed things because I hadn't been researching more/enough. Frankly, I have only been making an average of $10-20 per month in affiliate commissions, and that isn't enough for me.

    I want to earn more online. I want to earn at least $1000 per month in affiliate commissions per month by December 2017 – that'd be my magic number to give me confidence that online business is viable and can take care of my family's and my financial needs and entrepreneurial drive.

Because of this, I am reading and researching potential internet marketing courses that I can participate and learn more about delivering better value and making more profit online. I can't stand telling you (my readers) that I am making only $10-20 average per month.

I know people say that making $1 online is a great breakthough, and while it is, I really want to ramp it up because $10-20 per month eventhough it will help me pay for hosting fees etc, but it isn't enough.

Let me research more and let you know which one I'm deciding to test on, and I'll keep you in the loop for the testing – talk soon!