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Observe For Opportunities To Serve Profitably

Opportunities to make profitable investments or to serve profitably happens every day, all the time, right in front of us. Often, just right under our noses. We just need to be aware and able to identify these opportunities.

These opportunities often present themselves as problems and gaps in business and society, not as nice-wrapped business plans presented to us by someone we trust – often, these opportunities are invisible to the naked eyes and we need to pick them up. Say for example, in our physiotherapy business, we didn't do hours of research or network extensively before we launched (looking back, this is mortifying and I'll never do that again I think), but that started my foray into freelancing and locumming, which how I got my feet wet in the world of private rehabilitation.

From there, as I did my freelancing, it was pretty enjoyable as I had easily more than doubled my monetary value, I had a good team of people I was working with, but after about a year or so doing it, I started to think and feel and observe that I don't particularly fancy doing freelancing for long term. Yes, it's definitely less committal in a sense that I can leave anytime I want to (different therapists and healthcare professionals have different lifestyle and commitment needs), but my personal preference was I wanted to build a business where business came to me, instead of me going to them.

I prayed and discussed with my wife, who was also locumming and freelancing, and we looked at our budget, and started hunting for locations that suited our budget. No one taught us, but we optimized our business as we went along, and when we found a location where there was a gap in physiotherapy and hand therapy services, at the rental we could afford, we launched our business there. And it did work out well actually, until we found termites – but that's a different story entirely.

No one had told us about there being a gap or lack in that particular location then, we just took our budget, looked around for suitable locations based on budget, and did a simple survey and research to see if we could start something there to serve the people there profitably.

These opportunities for Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and Passive Income Investing (PII) can be found if you observe well enough, and they exist today still, not because of something extra that you do, but simply, is a gap arising from inefficiencies in the market that you can leverage on. You just need to keep your eyes open, connect with more and more people and simply ask them what they felt was missing, and do your research if it's a suitable opportunity for you.

If yes, and if you're ready, get your feet wet by light testing first – if it's not good, drop it. If the idea after thinking through, isn't for you, it's ok, drop it. You may find that you may be dropping more ideas and potential opportunities than finding one good one, and that's alright – not all opportunities are good nor good for you.

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