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NigelChua.com Down For 3+ Days Gosh

I recently made a call to cull many of my unused/unutilized websites and web service providers, so I can focus my energies and attention on lesser but key mid/longer term online businesses.

This freed up some resources, and I decided to upgrade my Bluehost webhosting plan which was the Plus plan to the Business pro version, which increases my monthly hosting costs from $5.95 per month to $14.95 per month (at a 36-month plan; if not it'd be a $19.95 plan for 12 months) so that I can increase the speed of all my BlueHost-hosted WordPress sites.

…and it led to a massive blackout of all my BlueHost-hosted WordPress sites for 3+ days.


Each time I spoke to the agents in the live chats, not only did I have to wait 15-30+ minutes to actually connect with one of them, but the first 2 told me to just wait as they were propogating my DNS hostservers.

Erm, after 3+ days, I couldn't wait anymore, so I chatted with them again, and then realized that my domains wasn't pointed in the A domain nameservers (or something like that), and offered their technicians to point it for me.

3 hours later, NigelChua.com is up.

Another 5 of my sites still isn't.

I'm not particularly thrilled of the delay and the downtime, but I am looking forward to see if there is truly a good speed increase (readers, please comment and let me know if the speed is really much faster).

I'm still happy with BlueHost for now for all my WordPress-related online ventures, so if you're thinking of launching your online business, you can sign up for their webhosting services here ($5.95 per month for the 12 months one, but you can get $3.95 per month if you sign up for the 36 months version).

Today is 29th January 2017, almost one full month of 2017 is gone, and 2017 will disappear as fast as 2016 did. Take action today, and evaluate as you go along, especially one year time.

Or if you're super serious, check out Solo Build It – they're my official go-to for all online business success. Read my review on SBI here.