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My wife gauges my “productivity” by the number of emails I sent…

She has told me this on a few occasions, and often we laughed about it together (because sometimes when I get into the flow of things: BOOM BOOM BOOM – things move).

But recently, I've been prioritizing writing articles, and I'm gauging myself more on the number of high quality articles that I write on a daily/weekly basis, on top of taking more time to strategize and think.

The reason for this is this:

  • Thinking and strategizing is the hard work that I need to do to increase clarity, focus and to set the direction of where I want myself and my family to go financially, commercially, spiritually – everything
  • Article-writing falls in alignment with my desire to build more Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB), and articles are mini-sales and marketing personnel that work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – and the more high quality ones I write, the more they work cohesively together for a better, brighter and super online business.

So article writing is how I gauge my productivity nowadays.

Of course, the email writing and the meetings and the whatsapp group chats are all good, and they serve their purpose too. Both needs to be handled, but if I need to prioritize, strategizing and article writing are important, the others are more urgent in nature.