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My inspirational meeting with Xtend-Life CEO Warren Matthews

warren_135x126[2]Today I had the privilege and opportunity to meet with Xtend-Life CEO Warren Matthews, and it was interesting how we got connected – I applied to be an affiliate with Xtend-Life, and one of the affiliate managers there connected me to Warren, and we planned for a meeting in Singapore, when Warren was having a stopover.

It was refreshing meeting him – a mix of uncertainty (I didn’t exactly know what he wanted, and though I hoped/wished that he’d make me an offer that I couldn’t refuse – but I like to remain grounded).

He didn’t turn out to look the way I had thought he’d look – I thought I’d meet a nice old man in suit, but there he was donned in comfortable dark denim jeans and polo T, and looked casual and comfortable.

The conversations that we chatted about covered a little about our backgrounds – how he started Xtend-Life, based on health scares for himself and observing the health of his friends around him, and how he wanted a healthy long life for the rest of his life – and he was 51. To make such a large decision when he was 51 – this man is no ordinary man. I think most people at age 51 would be thinking of retiring and relaxing, but oh boy, Warren wasn’t one of those.

He decided to build Xtend-Life, and you can read more of his story at Xtend-Life.

I shared with him who I was, and were I’m headed, and how I’m exploring the possible opportunities and adventures that lay ahead of me, and was open to hearing what he had to share with me – he shared with me the number of affiliates around the world for his company, and how he’s looking for super affiliates nowadays because he is looking for a group of key individuals to help grow his company and serving clients around the world.

He shared that he has a particular affiliate in Asia that makes about USD 15000 – USD 20000 per month, and he has been with them since the year 2000 – wow. This completely blew my mind.

The meeting was refreshing, as it wasn’t sale-sy – there was nothing for each other to sell, but more of a networking and connecting platform where I felt there was more connection (I must say, it’s a little intimidating ok to meet someone who’s like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me – in a good way), and how it’s non-pushy. I had time to ask him questions about the growth and future of the company, how do top affiliates be at the top, and some ideas I can work on.

The meeting lasted a sweet hour, and we parted shaking hands and planning to ponder over, and keep in touch.

A very positive experience indeed – he’s a solid one. This got me thinking more too, about the idea about the Passive Income Lifestyle and how this fits into the idea and frame work.


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