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My Hope For XtendHealthAsia.com

I had my first inspirational meeting with Warren, CEO and founder of Xtend-Life in December 2015, and it was then that my eyes – and mind – first opened to the possibility of doing a proper natural health supplement affiliate business, rather than pursuing MLM/network marketing.

Instead of rushing or going into things abruptly (like I always do), this time, instead, I took my time. I purposefully slowed myself and my actions down, despite my brain wanting me to “DO IT NOW!!!!” But after repeating the same old story several times, I had to learn from my past actions, behaviors and mistakes, and I believe that things that are done in haste/impromptu cannot be the best quality.

So yes, I took my own sweet time to ponder over it. I researched them extensively, reading reviews, poring over Google for articles.

Interestingly, there wasn't many articles or reviews on it. They are a solid company, and pursues high level of regulations and regulatory/authority approvals (my type of preference) – they are registered and approved with the United States Food & Drugs Administration, current Good Manufacturing Practices, New Zealand Ministry of Health and the British Pharmacopeia. As a healthcare professional – I LOVE REGULATORY ITEMS – that indicates high level of clinical research, quality and dedication to methodology.

Sounds like mumbo-jumbo medical speak, but to summarize is that it's highly regulated and high quality natural stuff.

So…I decided to take the route of the health affiliate, and to build up this affiliate business. This time though, I'm not rushing into it. I am giving myself 1 full year to build up this business, and to not rush into things. I'm trying to slowly add articles and share it with others, and trying to curb back on the checking of the traffic etc.

I had a sale in the beginning, but I will not be just sale/profit driven – my goal still in XtendHealthAsia.com is to bring highly regulated and high quality natural supplements and skin care to Asia. Weirdly enough, their stuff are pretty affordable (once you've seen the prices of MLM/network marketing prices of shabbier products, you'd be amazed how value for money Xtend-Life high quality stuff are) but I had to ask Warren why he didn't up his prices – his products can easily 2x or 3x their prices.

His answer?

We don't need to. We're profit driven, but we're not THAT profit driven. As long as customers get outcomes, we can cover cost and have some profits – we're good with that.

Gosh. I LOVE HIS ANSWER. So badass yet so good.

My hope in the long term is that through Xtend Health Asia, more and more individuals living and working in Asia will achieve their highest and best health ever, and maintain them – that's my hope for consumers. As an affiliate and entrepreneur, I'd love to have loyal customers who keeps coming back because of the high quality and outcomes, and to also have affiliates in Asia whom I have a real working relationship with and who are equally committed to customer care and outcomes.

I am very excited, hopeful, and I have reason to hope and believe that this may be one of my long-term passions for life.

Visit XtendHealthAsia.com today to build your health and wellness!

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