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Dear readers and visitors: we are in midst of porting NigelChua.com to another platform - come back on 20th November - we should be live by then =)

I run experiments dedicated to building Passive Income Businesses and acquiring Passive Income Investments, so you'll know exactly how to build your Passive Income Lifestyle.

Moving To SBI And Removing IM Email Newsletter

I am not sure how to put this to words.

I've decided 2 things:

To take down most of the internet marketing signup stuff that I have on NigelChua.com

eg the mailing list sign up in footer, right sidebar etc BUT I will still be working on making money online. The reason for this is because

#1 I am making only USD 20 – 30 per month on average.

I find/feel that I don't have the right to ask you to sign up for my internet marketing email list because I'm not making much money online, and not worth reading until I make at least USD 100 per month consistently. I feel like an impostor, because of this. However, that doesn't mean I'm walking away from efforts and focus on making money online. I will still be running experiments to build my profitable and value-driven online businesses.

I will still be reporting the monthly online and passive income stuff, just taking away stuff that “isn't me” (see next point).

#2 The IM mailing list sign up is “not me” or my voice

It's mainly pre-written email templates taken from Mark Ling's AffiloJetPack course, which I find is a good course, but I think I want something to call my own, and I rather have none if it's not “truly my own”.

So, I'm gonna pull the plug and take the slow route by slowly building traffic and results, before revisiting that again.

I rather be true to myself and you.

To transfer NigelChua.com to Solo Build It from WordPress

I've shared about this earlier in:

Personally, I find SBI is much better because there's so much more focus and less distraction compared to the multitude of stuff one faces when using a self-hosted WordPress.

And I like the focus.

Why Am I Doing So? Three words: mindfulness, purpose and function.

NigelChua.com HAS been on WordPress since 2008/2009, and after deliberating it for years and comparing with the results I had with Solo Build It as well as the protection and simplicity, I think to me, it just makes sense to stand for what I know works well and something that I endorse for years. It's kinda funny for me to endorse Solo Build It on NigelChua.com that's a WordPress site. SBI also has unlimited bandwidth for traffic (not that NigelChua.com has THAT much traffic).

(I am still scared of this decision to move to SBI, despite using SBI for years with good outcomes. Maybe it's the cost to hire a VA – USD$ 1000++ – or its because I hadn't used SBI for NigelChua.com; I am scared that I will pull the plug on this decision.).

Secondly, I want to be true to myself, and to you. Some of you had followed me for years. I want to build NigelChua.com to have my voice, my message, my way. I had been struggling with this for years now, but I seem to be concluding that my message will cover topics of:

  • early retirement
  • passive income
  • personal development
  • entrepreneurship/hustling

Those seem to be recurring themes in my life, as I want to build a passive income lifestyle, which I've structured most of my lifestyle to revolve around.

Thirdly, there is going to be a massive shuffle in my life in 2018 onwards, with a lot of very good, exciting and high potential projects that I cannot share with you now, but it's inline with increasing clarity and focus on the topics above.