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It Doesn’t Matter How Slow You Go, Just So Long You Do Not Stop

I came across this a couple of times, and each time I read it, I would acknowledge it but didn't pay heed to it.

Strangely enough, it came back to my mind recently:

It Doesn't Matter How Slow You Go, Just So Long You Do Not Stop

So simple, yet profoundly powerful.

It's well-known of how many people have stopped short of their success stories in careers, businesses, investments, start-ups or life, by just giving up a few steps before they reached their goal.

And before we say “it's normal”, I'll have to admit – I've given up so many times that it's not really countable anymore. Really.

Ask my wife, the countless ideas and side projects that come to my mind. My mind is just wired with so many connections that when I see something “potentially”, it'd come to my mind as

  • “we can do this”
  • “we can do that”
  • “we then connect that”

And it goes on…and then I launch it, then crickets…and then I shut it down, and continue with the process.

I know it's doing something for me, but right now, it seems that I've a plethora of “maybes” rather than a few stuff that I've truly worked on, believed in and worked hard but failed.

I'm not grasping it yet, but I am not going to stop…though I find myself now slowing down just a wee bit more to be a bit more selective on the projects that I undertake.

The projects that I undertake and the decisions/actionables that I make need to have longer lasting results, not something that is short term.

And to the statement:

It Doesn't Matter How Slow You Go, Just So Long You Do Not Stop

I'd like to add this: do stuff that matters for the mid to long term. No point going on, fast or slow, doing things that don't matter.

Yes, don't stop, but do stuff that matters.

For NigelChua.com, that'd mean that I'd embark on projects and actionables that will only enhance my understanding, passive income earning capacity or passive income portfolio for the mid to long term; with less focus and emphasis on the usual and common distractors.