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I Made 8.137% Return On Investment in 2016 For My Dividend Stocks

I was doing a quick stock check and I calculated that I received a total of $12268.51 for 2016.

Divided by invested amount of $150758.31 that has been invested over the last 18 months, our return on investment is 8.137%

That's a fairly good ROI, and with continued reinvestment of the dividends, it should be able to reach a target between 9-10% per year.

For reference, my goal is $100K passive income from dividends, and I'm still very far away. For me to reach my goals quicker, I need to inject more money into the dividend portfolio…but of course, this is easier said than done.

I will need to make more money first, and that's the reason why I focused more on building online businesses.