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I Just Pulled My Membership From Wealthy Affiliate

So I finally pulled the plug on Wealthy Affiliate as I've shared earlier, and please, don't misunderstand.

Wealthy Affiliate is amazing:

  • strong training
  • very loving and supportive forums and support

Plus there is many of my idols who are on WordPress and doing well with it (I've shared this on an earlier post), but given my limited time and energy, I have to focus.

With a gun to my head, I will choose, without batting an eye-lid, that Site Build It is for me (PS: Site Build It has been renamed to Solo Build It in 2017), because of 2 core reasons:

  • It is stable (lesser risk of hacks) with fast speeds at fixed cost of USD 299 per year (note: you can get fast speed with WordPress by paying more using stronger hosting at WP Engine etc, starts at USD 29 per month per site)
  • It makes me focused and there is less distraction of themes, plugins etc

Again, it doesn't mean self-hosted WordPress is bad (is a great place to be) but I've much more successes in Site Build It AND with the reasons above and with less time/effort, I will choose Site Build It.


BUT for someone who loves WordPress and all its functions, should stick with WordPress. Someone who loves SBI (like me) should stick with Site Build It.

Basically, I've 30+ sites across Site Build It, BlueHost and Wealthy Affiliate; what I'm doing now is culling down 10+ sites and Wealthy Affiliates. I'm still keeping my Site Build It and Bluehost hosting/sites, but that will remove at least 40% of my distractions.

Leaving me to focus on things that are more meaningful that will likely stay with me for the mid and long term (including this site of course).

In fact, I've happily shared with my friends, colleagues and readers on how I've built a $100k lead generation website using SBI (read that here) and that's one of the reasons why I am so happy and comfortable to endorse and recommend SBI to you.

It works beautifully. Try it risk free, and if it's not for you, you can get a full refund within 90 days. If you refund after 90 days, it's pro-rated. I've more than 4 sites hosted with them, and ALL of them makes money for me compared to my WordPress ones so I highly  and confidently recommend it. The magic is in the traffic my SBI sites generate organically.

Read my review on SBI here.

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