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I Do Not Have New Year Resolutions

No longer, at least.

When I was younger, every year at the end of the year I used to write down what I want to achieve the next year.

And every year the list gets more elaborate, longer and detailed.

And every year I realized that I never achieve them.

To my surprise at my 35th year (year 2017), I no longer practice this method of writing down my resolutions once per year.

Strategic and Conscious Living

Instead, what I have been doing since 2014 onwards is to write down a “classic, ever green” strategy, philosophy and lifestyle, which in the ends and through the means, help me achieve the kind of lifestyle I wish to live.

A conscious, caring, sincere, more relaxed and passive income lifestyle.

And this method works well for me.

My personal goals are:

  • Building and acquiring more and more passive income investments and businesses through my dividend stocks investing and online business building.
  • Building my offline businesses
  • Building and living a healthy body and mind through near-daily exercising, drinking filtered water, taking high quality supplements, near-daily Bible and business reading and prayer
  • Nurturing relationships by spending more time with wife and children, calling family more often

And that's it.

I keep to that, and mainly to the hours I have per day without wanting to grow too much in a particular area, preferring a balanced growth and approach to life.

How I gauge is my scorecard according to the items above:

  • Passive income reports
  • Offline business financial reports
  • Health screening reports
  • Number and quality of conversations with loved ones, friends and colleagues

It's a more strategic way of living, doing what that matters, and living life.

And interestingly, that's enough for me, where I find that it's a good blend of quantity and quality of life. And more interestingly, because it's balanced, my business partners and colleagues and friends and family can see that it's more balanced and I'm having fun and I'm delivering impactful and meaningful effective outcomes, and they're drawn to it.

I get so much more business and investment opportunities than I ever did before. Of course, that can be caused by my years of building my skills and reputation and deliverables, but I think it's more than that.

This is my approach and strategy to build and live MY passive income lifestyle. Yours may be different.

What about you? Tell me in the comments section belowwhat your approach is, and what works and what doesn't work for you. I read every single comment.