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How do websites make money?

Right now if you don't already have a blog or a website, maybe you have this question:

How on earth do websites and blogs make money?

I've been asked this so many times…if I just get $1 each time I get asked this question, I'd be swimming in money by now hahahaha.

Maybe you've been searching and checking online many times about making money online too, but first things first, understand that not all websites make money. In fact, there are many websites out there that are non-profitable be it because

  • it's a hobby site
  • the owner doesn't know how to monetize
  • the owner hadn't monetized
  • etc

…or worse, no traffic or visitors. No traffic = zero chances of making money from websites.

Websites Make Money by Selling

The only way you can make money on your website is by selling something on your website. If there is nothing being sold, there is no way revenue can be generated.

  • You can offer advertising space
  • You can offer writing services
  • You can do product reviews
  • You can sell products like books or clothing etc
  • You can sell web hosting or web marketing etc

The bottomline is, you HAVE to sell something to make money.

No websites make money just by being there or existing. The website HAS to engage the site visitors, influence and convert them to take action to buy something or click on a link to go another website to buy something.

Nothing happens until that happens.

How Blogs Make Money

Take a look at this tutorial on how to make money with blogs. I have followed these very steps to build blogs and websites that converts traffic to buyers.

Ways other than Advertising

One of the easiest way a website can make money is with advertising, which is getting someone or a company to pay to run an ad on your website.

The problem with this is that no one is going to pay you money to advertise their products or services unless you are able to show and prove that you have traffic that will justify the advertising that you're planning to charge them.

Introducing Affiliate Marketing

If this is your first time visiting NigelChua.com, you may be hearing me talk about affiliate marketing for the first time. I'm thinking that it's possible that it may not be new to you, but for the benefit of doubt:

Affiliate marketing in a simple manner is where companies pay you to help sell their products and services. The products and services you sell do not belong to you, but you sell it on behalf of the company to the target audience that you have.

You only get paid for performance and results ie if you sell something, you get paid an affiliate commission. If you don't sell anything, then you don't get any affiliate commission. Simple.

It is a fantastic way for the product creator to justify marketing costs and an equally fantastic way for you the blogger or affiliate marketer to earn from your website. If you think you have the skills to talk about something in a way to get them to buy it….


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